Sunday, August 14, 2016

Josephine comes to her first county fair and her family comes too!

Look at the smile on that grandpa's face!   Nancy with her family had just arrived at our county fair.  The fair was all about our family farm summers growing up and now continues with Ruth and Paul and their kids.  Rose and Bernadette are so happy to be together as are Gus and David.  Now for mass on the fairgrounds as a big family today with 9 kids to wrangle. 
Grandpa's huge smile as Nancy arrives - he loves to have his Dominic on his lap, and...
A load of happy and excited grandkids in the back!
Josephine is starting to experience her first county fair!  Cousin Mary wants to tell her all about it!
Its a lot to take in for a baby girl, who just came 7 hours to get here. 
Something new and wonderful in the Ralco building with baby animals and lots of farm activities.
Dominic likes the cows a lot!
Josephine isn't too sure about the sounds and smells and new sights all around her.  Welcome to your first county fair sweet little newly baptized Josie!  She was baptized a week ago and what a week it has been for us with the county fair to fill it to the brim!
I asked Ruth if she was sad to have the fair end today..."I can tell the calves are getting restless and tired of being tied up, and I guess I am ready for it to be done too."  Now for mass together and Catholic food stand lunch and walking around seeing all the projects and grand champion booth in the 4H building.  It was powerful working in the prolife booth yesterday with an old friend and speaking to so many that are appalled at the horror of abortion!
Sweet Dominic joined grandma for breakfast this morning in my new kitchen.  We are so comfortable in my new big home - perfect for when our growing family comes to spend time with us. Our move, although hard, is just right in all ways!
Thank you, Lord, for the wonderful plans you have for our lives!  The way is not easy, but it is great when we see it all fall into place and give our all without counting the cost!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb
Jesus said to his disciples; "I have come to set the earth on fire, and how I wish it were already blazing!'"  Luke 12:49  The Gospel for today
Yes, Lord!

Today is my daughter Maria's birthday!  She shares her day with a most amazing Saint Maximilian Kolbe.  Soon she will welcome her 5th child - a baby girl!  We love you Maria and family!  Happy birthday! 

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