Friday, August 19, 2016

"love your neighbor as yourself." is = to loving God with all your heart, soul and mind? Yes!!!

10 years separate these two, but the family ties and love of life give them a bond for their lifetime.  How wonderful when your circle of family grows and grows - your love isn't stretched more thin rather it grows more and more!  When that includes siblings in a domestic Church/family it allows you to embrace the Gospel more fully this day - "love your neighbor as yourself."  Matthew 22.  How?  If you learn to share with many siblings in a family - you are more able to leave self behind and think of others.  You are stretched and that indulgent and selfish approach to life is diminished. 
Siblings, cousins and kittens...  Family is called the domestic Church because that is where our Faith is taught and learned and embraced and where it becomes our own!  I was so blessed to have such an amazing Spiritual journey thanks to my parents asking the Lord to show them His path for them!
What JOY fills my heart when I recall how the Lord has touched me, and shown me how to love my neighbor as myself - Yes, I fail and am selfish, but I yearn to love Jesus with all my heart, soul, and mind and know that loving others as I do myself is all part of the big picture!
Cousins the same age and growing up together...

Lord, I know that I have a long way to go.  Thank you for the Truth that we need to be open to LIFE and raise LIGHTS!  This is how our LOVE grows ever more and more for others and less and less for ourselves!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke

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