Thursday, August 25, 2016

Mere Catholicism/Embracing our Most Cherished Cross!

I know that I shared this just a few weeks ago, but it is so classic in our memories of juggling the little ones that the good Lord gives us... when we are open to LIFE.  There is no way that we are in control in these years, and I am a prime example of how the Lord had his own plans for Pat and I.  I call our nest years the most wonderful and most difficult/painful/filled with agony and grief! here is the whole story in much more detail than I will share today, if you want to know the WHOLE story!

I was in tears just the other morning praying with John, as we reveled in the news of someone having their 6th child.  "How I asked the Lord to let me have that 6th child, so that the world wouldn't look at our family and think that I quit because we had our boy!  But it was not to be."  I still have people make that comment from time to time when they hear of our family of 4 girls and "then you had that boy!"  Sometimes I will correct them and fill them in about the 2 boys buried at the cemetery that I carried for 5 months each after John, but sometimes it is just too much to share at the time or circumstance!

Nancy's precious 3 youngest looking more rested and relaxed and cooperative.  She shared that she tried to get just Josephine, but Dominic and Bernadette wanted to join her for this one.  The thing about little ones... you can never predict what they will do except maybe to be contrary to what mom wants.

I just had a wonderful conversation with my mother, and she was in a quandary in trying to name her web site... We shared that C.S. Lewis has such powerful and wonderful names for his books and writes so grippingly.  We threw out there Mere Catholicism and my thoughts went to my Most Cherished Cross as my maiden name was Barbara Lynn Cross.  It fills me with great appreciation and JOY at the Spiritual Journey my parents and I have shared over my lifetime.  So amazing and I am filled to overflowing with each day in The Church!  My mother has a chapter in a book by that name - Spiritual Journeys - about our conversion story!

I am so lucky to have girls with beautiful cameras, and the ability to borrow their pictures!  A new beautiful brown eyed girl in our family... we got in touch with how good a baby she is while she quietly watched us put in two huge days of canning one after the other!

Now a sweet brown eyed boy... Dominic is starting to talk and that is so fun.

There is so much coursing through my heart, mind and soul this day in which the Gospel is reminding us that we know not the time, but we need to always be prepared... more than that we need to be doing the right things in our lives and turning away from evil and laziness and sinfulness and selfishness and all the ways that we indulge ourselves and reject giving of our time and talents and gifts and all the love and forgiveness and mercy we have been shown - we are to give it away in return!  The Master needs to come and find us doing as we have been commanded, and where would that commandment come from?  Starting with the 10 commandments would be a good start, as well as the first two - LOVE of God with all our heart, souls and minds and loving our neighbor as ourselves!!  That about covers it.
Image result for images of the 10 commandments
Good to contemplate how we are to be "the faithful and prudent servant."  Matthew 24

Jesus, I am so filled with humble thanksgiving for all you have showered upon me!  Once again in mass today we are blessed with the Hallel Psalm of total praise in Psalm 145!  "Every day I will bless you, and I will praise your name forever and ever.  Great is the Lord and highly to be praised; his greatness is unsearchable.  I will praise your name forever, Lord."  Your unconditional LOVE and Mercy, Lord, is truly beyond my understanding and "unsearchable" to me.  Yet, I know that I am asked to give it to all those around me in return.  Help me, Lord, to give without counting the cost.  May I take up my Most Cherished Cross and carry/drag it down the narrow path til I am forever in heaven with you, your Queen Mother, Mary Most Holy, all the Angels and Saints!  "Blessed is that servant whom his master finds doing so - distributing food at the proper time to the household."  Yes, may we give and die to self so that you may live in us in our domestic Church/family.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah

I realized that in all the hectic times... I didn't share some of these special pictures of the coming into The Church/Baptism of our newest granddaughter, Josephine Frances!  There is no greater joy in my life than sharing our Faith as a Family!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke

United in Faith/Family/Farm!

At the foot of the Cross - through the Cross we find LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT!  Jesus is in control!

May we be childlike and humble in our lives this day.

Fill us with your LIGHT!
Yes, I can see this is true.  Read it and weep!

My wonderful friend, Scott Hahn. loves the Church as I do!
 Danielle Rose - Small things with great love

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