Thursday, August 18, 2016

"My sacrifice, O God, is a contrite heart." Psalm 51

Lunch on the porch with the younger grandkids of two families equals 6 little ones.  I admit that after 2 huge canning days I was ready to have a down day, but Nancy wanted to give Ruth a hand and get the kids off her hands for the day.  I have really gotten in touch with how selfless and hard working and having a "can do attitude" in my kids!  They thoroughly put me to shame, and I do see that this is a trait they have picked up from their dad much more than me. 
So after a morning of playing outside and giving grandma a bit of a break... we took 9 kids to the pool for the afternoon, and a great time was had by all!
3 month old Josephine napped in the shade or...
Delighted me with holding the rosary beads with me!  She is starting to try to reach for things and as she peacefully sat on my lap I could feel her touching my hands and fingering the rosary beads!
Such a special time sharing my prayer time.  I didn't get the nap I was yearning for, but I did manage to get almost all of my 10 decades of the rosary prayed!  Nancy was wonderful and did all the leg work of taking little ones to the bathroom over and over while I could just pray, hold Josie a bit, keep an eye on the kids in the kiddy pool, and...
move Luke's chair so that he took his nap in the shade. 
Just spent the morning over helping get ready for a neighborhood party in our shop on the farm.  I am so impressed by how the work is shared by all with good happy attitudes!  I have so many ways to improve in my willingness to serve without counting the cost! I do not sacrifice well my rest and blogging and relaxation.  Others are much better than I, and helping out grudgingly taught me that it is best to not get what I want always but to help out others is by far more important.
The 9 grandkids having some cousin fun and giving their mom a break so she can dig in and clean. 
The trees including my Mary garden gone!  Ruth and Paul have big plans to put a wonderful porch here!
Dominic loves cats!
Rose getting ready to go with Bernadette and Nancy with her other 3 up to the Cities.  There is a big wedding in the family tomorrow! 
Feeding the 14 before Nancy with 5 kids left for the Cities, and the rest continue to get ready for the big party in the shop on Saturday!  May my sacrifice be a humble contrite heart, O Lord!
Wonderful rain outside the shop while we are cleaning inside!  WE love the rain!
The two 2 year olds in their puddle jumpers.
This is called the belly hold.

Lord, thank you for the lesson I have learned from my kids and husband about thinking of others ahead of myself. Humble me, O Lord, and use me to your honor and glory.  Bless all those traveling and guide and direct all those called to stay behind and serve.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Bless-bless, Barbara Luke and Josephine praying together!
My Mary garden has moved over to my new home as her tree and the garden under it is now gone with all the changes... so many pictures of her gracing my home over all the years and now she has come to join me, and I am content with the changes.

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