Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Silenced by 90 quarts of Canning - Our Lady, her Queenship celebrated in my heart!

Mondays bring us 6 pails of tomatoes for two weeks now, and a day of putting our canning machine into full throttle.  I was able to pray our morning prayer with Pat and mention to John with tears in my eyes that 7 years ago we were miraculously in France for Susan to become Little Sister Hallel on the vigil of the Queenship of Mary!  How I burned to share my deep JOY with all, but not to be... due to our big day of family work. 
Ruth's huge tomatoes make the job go quickly, but it still took a lot of juggling to get all 90 quarts of spaghetti sauce into the jars and processed. 

Today we find another special feast day for our family as it is Ruth's patron Saint - St Rose of Lima!  Her daughter, Rose Ida, is named after her and Ruth Ida Rose.  So to the two of them - Happy Feast Day!  This young woman certainly is a wonderful Saint in heaven to look to and model our lives after as she lived a life of prayer and service!
Happy feast Day Rose Ida!  You are learning how to pitch in and work beside your mom and grandma. 
So true for us to recall this day...

"Today is the #FeastDay of St. Rose of Lima, the first native-born saint from the Americas. She imitated the example of St. Catherine of Siena, living a life of virtue and penance as a Dominican tertiary in the home of her parents. St. Rose used to love to repeat, "If human beings knew what it is to live in grace, no suffering would frighten them and they would gladly suffer any hardship, for grace is the fruit of patience." St. Rose of Lima, pray for us!
How I cling to this throughout each day. Looking to her example of humility and trusting and having her with me through my rosary each day.  Yes, my hands were occupied with lots of canning yesterday and I was unable to have my beads in hand, but she still filled me with so much JOY recalling the wonderful celebration in France John and I experienced as our daughter/sister took her huge step in becoming his Bride! 
The celebration on the hillside of the Green Cathedral kept coming to me as I worked yesterday.  Sitting at the wedding of Corey and Julia last Friday was so reminiscent of the gorgeous Cathedral with glorious tree tops forming the roof over our heads.  It took me back there in my heart, so with this anniversary of our celebration on the hill in France 7 years ago... it warmed my heart and soul throughout my day of work with John and Ruth.  Yes, I tend to wear blue more when I am with Hallel and her Community!

I will have the gift of spending a week in Kansas City at the Little Monastery, Lumen Christi, in about a month!  How I am so blessed by the vocation of my 4th daughter to be a bride of Christ!  Through her "yes" I am given times that I can answer my heart's love of the contemplative LIFE!
John reminded me that we had Krusties pancakes every morning and I missed my chance to truly celebrate our anniversary! 

Pope John Paul II, in his apostolic letter Rosarium Virginis Mariae  writes of this Glorious Mystery of her Coronation:
“Christ was raised in glory to the right hand of the Father, while Mary herself would be raised to that same glory in the Assumption, enjoying beforehand, by a unique privilege, the destiny reserved for all the just at the resurrection of the dead. Crowned in glory – as she appears in the last glorious mystery – Mary shines forth as Queen of the Angels and Saints, the anticipation and the supreme realization of the eschatological state of the Church.”

Love my Queen!
Canning with two of my children is a blessing.  Soon John will be gone for his new job in Tracy as a para and coach.  The Lord has opened another door, and we are filled with hope and Trust!
All our containers are full of our bounty. 
No room to spare - that is a 40 quart container and we filled it up twice and then some!  90 quarts of spaghetti sauce for 6 families for the next year might be enough.
Partially done, but still more to make. 

Jesus, how we are blessed to share Faith and family values as we do our jobs/life on the farm.  It is wonderful to go back to my old home and find there a young family excited and hard working and in love with the good things the farm has to offer them as they care for the land and the animals.  As they feed the world!  It is so good to have a young and happy healthy family bringing new life and excitement into our farm.  Guardian angels, the Saints, especially St Rose of Lima this day, our Qeen of heaven and earth and Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior continue to be the center and most important part of our lives.  If we place you ahead of all else - everything will fall into it's proper place.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Always room at the big farm sink for little helpers.  LIFE is a gift from conception to natural death!  Lord, our country needs to protect and cherish all LIFE!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Ruth is starting to decorate with her pictures in her new home.  John took both of these for his final year of 4H!  So wonderful!
In the bathroom -one of mine and one of Ruth's - both precious!
The space where our TV used to be - much better!
The shop clean and empty after the neighborhood party - first in 50 years!  A new tradition has begun thanks to Ruth and Paul and family!

Can't beat C.S.Lewis with a stick!

Eric Clapton - Holy Mother

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