Thursday, August 11, 2016

St Clare at the Fair - blue ribbon calves

The beef show filled our morning at the fair today.  Blue ribbons all around and good showing by Ruth and Paul's 3 oldest.
David is in cloverbuds and he showed with the help of his mom. 
Relaxed and having fun!

It was a big warm day already so I will keep this short.  It special to start last night knowing that today is the feast of St Clare!  Maria chose her for her patron saint almost 20 years ago simply because her feast is close to her birthday in 3 days.  Yet, St Clare turned out to be a very important Saint for Maria and our entire family when she entered the Poor Clares to discern for 5 months back in 2004.  How we fell in love with St Clare and the amazing Faith she had and poverty/humility she embraced, and the amazing call of a contemplative/cloistered nuns!  Although Maria discerned out and is now expecting her 5th and married and in the military with her captain husband... we continue to hold The Poor Clares close to our hearts and call on them for prayers when needed.  They were huge in lifting us up during Patrick and John!
Talking to the judge... cute alert!!

While sitting at the beef show I noticed all these wonderful quotes from St Clare this morning.  St Clare turned away men that were attacking the town and convent by carrying out Jesus in a monstrance!

Watching the kids walking in the light streaming into the barn with their calves and reading glorious words like this from St Clare.  It was a heavenly beef show this year, thanks to the sweet light streaming in and the words of St Clare!
Cloverbuds with their parents is a beautiful sight indeed.  Ruth was the lone mom out there, but she is a farmer right next to her dad and husband!

So filled with wonder and awe!
Mary enters the ring with smiles and sweetness and a calm attitude!
Simon looking good, too!  Out of the doors is lush and green - such a great summer for rain, and we got another inch of rain overnight!
Eyes on the judge and a smile on her face... Mary is relaxed and happy out there.  She won reserve in showmanship, so the judge appreciated her calm and knowledge.
Answering the questions...
Bright and beautiful
John and Luke during the show.  Rose and Luke are now taking a much needed nap at grandma's house in the cool quiet.
The Poor Clares devote themselves to Eucharistic prayer and joyful poverty!  The Gospel for today is Peter being told by Jesus that he must forgive 77 times!  How we need to recall that throughout each new day.
Golf cart ride and icies from grandpa/ King of the Fair!
Family time getting ready for showmanship!
Rose and Luke watch and learn from their older sibs - Simon and Mary.  Their turn is coming up in a few years. 
A little hot and tired, but feeling good about their beef show 2016.

Jesus, it is such a blessing to have great family/farm traditions of showing beef at the fair.  It becomes so filled with light and joy to have St Clare with me this morning as her words and Truth lift me up to the highest of heights.  Yes Lord, I love you totally and without reservation and yearn to be forever with you in heaven.  Thank you for all the help through prayer without ceasing and when I am praying I am not sinning, so...  I also love to have you in Your Word with me starting the night before and throughout the day, as well as your Saints - St Clare today and Your Mother Mary.  I am yearning to find my rosary and come to you through your wonderful mother of heaven and earth.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Happy Feast Day Maria Theresa Clare!
Cupcake time at the fair
Piggy thinks they look good
Pig show tomorrow morning - busy family farm times at the fair!

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