Monday, August 8, 2016

St Dominic in our lives...

We traveled almost 4 hours from Maria's home on base to Kansas City in time for mass and then the Baptism of Josephine following.  Therese loves to hold the babies!  Josie's baptismal dress was sewed by my mother-in-law 36 years ago, and all 4 girls wore it - now the granddaughters!  Soon Maria's little girl will arrive/a baby sister for Therese, and it will be her turn to wear this treasured family heirloom.
Grandsons Dominic and Augustine sitting in front of the Baptismal font just after their younger sister came into the Church through Baptism.  Today is the Feast day of St Dominic... Dom's patron saint!

We arrived home just close to midnight last night and the vigil was in full swing at Saint Pierre, France... celebrating the feast day of their amazing founder, St Dominic!  We know that Hallel traveled 3 days from Poland to France/their home base in Saint Pierre at the beginning of last week, so she is settled in for the big vigil and day long celebration, I know!
John excited and honored to be asked to accept another Goddaughter to help share our amazing faith with!
Arriving for the special family time!
Patrick, Bernadette and David with smiles...
Sharing mass is the best!  Dominic is such a good boy in church as are all the kids... it is a familiar and special place they have surrounded by their family each week.  "You can tell that they are comfortable and familiar with going to church and know how to behave."
Dominic so good and quiet sitting on his grandpa Pat's lap.
The baptism - neither of the babies cried at all through the service!  Original sin washed away and now entering The Church.  Our prayer is that she always loves The Church and embraces the Truth that will set her free!  Saint Dominic took delight in God's word of Truth and preached it with zeal...
Receive the light of Christ, Josephine.
United in faith - a wonderful Domestic Church/family.  Jesus and His Bride, The Church, gives us all we need to find True Happiness as we embrace our Most Cherished Cross and follow Him!
A family pose of Maria with her 4 going on 5!  Another special humble domestic Church/family of sharing faith in The Church!
Godparents, John and Tina, with their Goddaughter!
Called to pray for and help in any way and to be a part of her life whenever possible.  Godfather John with his sweet Josie!  The Cross over their shoulder is a powerful reminder of what we are called to embrace and give without counting the cost. 
Pictures are getting old...  The 4
A picture of LIFE watched over by the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  He loves the little ones so much and we are told to learn from them in how we approach the world we are given to live in and care for. #1 - we are called to be humble!  It looks like Josie will always have lots of life around her as she passes through her life.  "Never a dull moment." will be a good description of her life too!  This just seems to be a picture form of the Hallel Psalm from mass today - Psalm 148... "Heaven and earth are filled with your glory... the children... close to him."  Is there anything more beautiful than Jesus lovingly looking upon his wonderful creation - LIFE?  Such a masterpiece to see all the little ones smiling and gathered around new LIGHT- Josephine!  LOVE/LIFE/LIGHT describes this!
Bill helping to get some shorter boys out of the back, and before Romeo decided to lay down... how do you keep 9 eight and under looking and smiling?  Impossible, but we call it a picture of life and embrace it's beauty and snapshot of life!
Peaceful beauty in grandma's lap. 

With thoughts and prayers traveling to Kansas City around little Dominic today as well as his family, and with our Hallel and her Dominican Community of the Lamb around the world... we are very much taking part in this special day for Saint Dominic!  We know that he depended entirely on God in his life and begged for his food.  So much humility!
A smile for grandma before she goes to change out of her Baptismal dress...
Dominic poses by the wonderful cheesecake and sat in grandpa's lap and ate a big piece!  I don't think there is any left over for today.
She loves to hang out with Therese and she knows how to get her to sleep!
The purple bunch with at wink...
Berna put sparkles on John's pants and Dominic took at nap on grandpa's lap.  WE love to have family time!

Jesus, how we celebrate with great JOY as we share our Faith as a family.  Sharing our love for The Church, which we have been given by our Lord!  All the angels and Saints are rejoicing with us led by St Dominic and Our Lady this special day.  The choirs of heaven ring out their joy as sweet little Josephine was washed clean and brought into your Church surrounded by her loving family.  Jesus, we trust in you.  St Dominic, pray for us.  Amen and Hallelujah
How those babies love to be cradled in those big strong arms and huge hands!  Pat through the Holy Spirit gave us our motto for Faith/Family/Farm at our engagement weekend 38 years ago - "The World needs LIGHTS!"  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Peace that passes understanding...
My anniversary roses in the bright sun with the bright green of our perfect summer and the barn which still holds the sign... Family Time is the Best!  So true!
One more of the kids... Jesus watch over them always!

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