Saturday, August 6, 2016

Transfiguration day in Missouri with family

What a wonderful afternoon at the pool on base with Maria's family.  It is such a gift to see her kids growing up and they are all so sweet and loving towards grandma and grandpa and John.
Special time with Romeo - bubble sink with grandma after the dishes we put babies in the sink!

It is transfiguration day today, and there is so much to learn and be reminded of.... As we peer into the  glory that pours from every pore of the transfigured Christ we cast off everything unworthy of our personal relationship with the Infinite, and we take on the luster of the Son of God.
The desk we brought for Therese in her office in the closet... "closet Therese"  She has had bedrooms in closets numerous times in her 8 years including her nursery!  I was able to draw and paint with T and David.  I cheated and drew her with her new baby sister, who is due in a couple months.  We will see if I am right about a lot of dark hair on Evangeline.  Evangeline?  It stands for Evangelist and speaks of the Gospel!

Jesus gazes back at us with a luminous look of love that makes us desire to live his transparent beauty - to be luminaries.  Silently from Tabor's splendor, the Savior begs:  "Become what you behold!."
Time with family is the best!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke

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