Monday, August 1, 2016

World Youth Day 2016 in Krakow, Poland - Family sharing Faith in The Church!

Pat and I were looking through deleted emails and found this treasure/gem/gift/the best!  Hallel in Krakow surrounded by an amazing family that are her shirt tail cousins!  And among them is a seminarian, Troy Timmerman, a priest, Fr Paul Timmerman, a young lady going to college to discern her call, Monica Timmerman, a youth director/Faith Formation Director at our church, Lori Timmerman, and a college student going to U of Mary, Kelly Timmerman!  Such a family of Faith in The Church, and look at all their beaming faces - that's Christ and LOVE!  They are all connected to Hallel by Fr Paul's mom, who is a cousin to her dad, Pat!  They are am amazing family of Faith and that is a powerful bond with Hallel and foremost at that!

This note accompanied this gift on email...  "ts a small world. We ran into Sr. Hallel in Krawkow Poland! She wasnt suppose to be
there that day but through God's intervention we were able to meet. "
Lori Timmerman 
So much more than a small world... it is a world filled with the wonder and direction of the Holy Spirit!  I am filled with such JOY this morning gazing at this!  Thank you, Lord!

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