Wednesday, August 31, 2016

"You are God's field..." St Paul to us and the Corinthians

Such a classic family picture on the occasion of Maria's first Communion!  Yes, I sewed for all 5 of them and made them as matching as possible! 

Why would I start with this picture now 25 years old?  The words of ST Paul in the 1st letter to the Corinthians grabbed this old farm wife with a shot of Wow!....  "You are God's field, God's building."  I Corinthians 3:9  Here are my 5 children all lined up in order of age, as though they were corn out in the field - in the 9 years between Ruth and John I had a miscarriage between Ruth and Nancy and two between Susan and John - one being a set of twins!  I had just lost 2 boys that I carried for 5 months each and are buried at the cemetery after John, and then another loss at almost 4 months!  My 12 children didn't work out according to plan - God's field on earth is 5 lights for the world and then 7 in heaven praying for us and allowing us to keep our eyes focused on heaven above all else!
A recent fake picture as I had to add Maria, who couldn't make it to KC for Thanksgiving about 3 years ago.  I am thrilled to know that they possibly all could be together in KC for the Labor Day weekend along with their families!

I could go on and on about how these 5 have truly become God's field bearing much fruit and sharing much light, but it is shared on these pages so I will resist today.  The story continues to evolve and change and grow, but that is what happens in a field here on the farm, too!  It never stays stagnant, but always grows and matures and yields a hundred fold!
My dad, Deacon Robert Cross... a convert to The Catholic Church along with our family - all 13, baptizing our oldest, Ruth Ida!  Talk about God's field... I have been so grateful to the Holy Spirit for speaking to my dad and bringing us into The Church!

St Paul speaks of how he is merely the one who plants and waters, but God causes the growth!  I am so fed by the Word each day on this journey called Faith/Family/Farm.  It is Christ alive and well and His Holy Spirit directing me to share His LIGHT/LOVE/LIFE which is given us through the Cross! 
Ruth's wedding in 2003... married 13 years in November and now welcoming their 6th child next spring.  God's field continues now in the families of our children!  So much JOY fills my heart, mind and soul that we share our Faith as a family!  Open to LIFE and raising LIGHTS - The Church asks us to answer this call and find the narrow path to heaven forever with Jesus and His Bride, The Church!  Yes, it is a hard road and we die to self for the sake of our family, but this is what we are asked to do.  Give without counting the cost!
God's field - my family just at the time of our conversion - 1971... 45 years ago!  We are now approaching 120 strong!  Jesus and Mary, we love you!  Save Souls!  Placing each one in the monstrance at Adoration, along with the close to 100 on Pat's side... that's a huge God's field!
Just before Susan/Hallel left for France to join The Community of the Lamb - 9/11/2008... our "real hugs" have gotten much more precious.  Our last one was a year ago Easter in KC at Lumen Christi - the Light of Christ Monastery.  The corn in the field - God's field - once again!  Our family is now approaching 25 members with the two new ones in the womb!

The Gospel has now moved to St Luke, and Jesus is actively healing and praying in a deserted place and trying to go forward down the path, but we want to hold him...  We do not progress in our spiritual life if we hold it inside - we must share and give what we have received to those around us... most especially those in our domestic Church/family.
This was a few years back, and such a beautiful stalk of grain in God's field... I love that she is considering this wonderful option for herself in the recesses of her heart!
My parents with grandson, Dominic, 2 years ago.  They modeled being open to life for all of us!  Mom just shared the other day... "I remember waiting at the back door to tell your dad that we were expecting #8!"  After losing one 2 days after birth and adopting 4 siblings - they raised 11 children, and brought them all into The Church with them 45 years ago! 

I just realized that it was my parents 67th anniversary yesterday!  Pat and I celebrating our 38th and all that has happened since... 67 is forever!  They have seen so much happen and change and grow with many ups and downs, yet they have each other still and that is amazing!  I am so blessed to have them both still together and making their way,  a bit more slowly perhaps, but still doing quite well.  Thank you, Jesus, and hold them close to your heart burning with love for them!  Mom and Dad, I love you and wish you a wonderful  68th year ahead.

Jesus, I am overwhelmed to be in God's field and the way I am cared for and nurtured and given all I need to grow and bear much fruit!  I am filled with your Truth - blessed by The Word that comes to me each day in The Church.  May I represent you knocking on the door of all those I encounter - most especially those in my domestic Church/family.  I yearn to follow you carrying/dragging my Most Cherished Cross and come to dwell with you forever in heaven.  I am weak and lowly and need you my Jesus.  May I find that deserted place to fall on my knees and give my all to you... dying to self so that you may live and work through me.  Jesus, I trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
A weak stalk in God's field - we will hold him up!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke in the famous Easter Hat/John falling down picture... Classic!
Romeo arrives 2 years ago on grandpa Pat's birthday, and now we will welcome Evangeline Mary in November!  God's field growing and blossoming in Missouri!
So precious is LIFE - Lord, please my ALL LIFE be protected and cherished from conception to natural death!
Pat's mother is on the other end of the spectrum, and we cherish our time with her!
Talk about a miracle - all 9 of her kids around her brings a rare huge smile to her face!  God's field is a gift to all thanks to her "yes"
On the farm you are truly planted - God's field, yet we were able to pass it on to the young farm family now!  I am yearning to make one of these but with Ruth and Paul and their growing family on the hill! 
Thanks mom and dad, St John Paul II, and Our Lady... my life is so rich thanks to all of you!

Danielle Rose - Pursue me

From Maria's blog today - sunburned family at Josie's Baptism.  I think they are heading over to KC this weekend for some super family time with both Ruth and Nancy and families!  That would be 19 in total!  Wow!

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