Saturday, September 17, 2016

Back to my roots...

Mom and my brother, Dan, out picking tomatoes and cucumbers.
Mom's garden watered by another rain overnight...
Quiet time after sharing lunch in the light of their home... so blessed to have both of my parents together and managing their home and yard and all that comes at them in their later years.
Passing through the fields of our farmland now golden bean fields and corn also is turning golden - a very beautiful fall like feel as we drive down the road.  It should be a bountiful crop this year with all the rain we have gotten all through the growing season.

Yes, I am a city girl come to the farm now 38 years ago.  You would think that I would have by now become the model farm wife, but that has not truly happened for me.  When I see Ruth now a farmer/farm wife in her willingness and hard work ethic... I see that those roots are grown deep and come with your family.  I adore sharing the deep love we share for our beloved Catholic church with my parents, and I do share my farm life with them, too!  One theme we have come back to over and over this time is that we are called to be faithful and not successful!
The prairie is now my home... wide open spaces with a random tree here and there, and golden bean and corn fields as far as the eye can see.  A sight I have learned to love!

Mom and I have discussed how sad it is that women feel so compelled to be successful by the worlds' terms with lots of education - going back to graduate school/getting older and older when they would have been marrying and having a family.  That they pursue jobs and climbing the ladder rather than being open to life and feeling value in having kids and raising them as lights.  Much to pray about and evangelize about!
Great visiting and a fun night out for pizza with my brother and his wife and my parents. 
My tomato plants are all dead and hers are lush and green!  My mother always had a green thumb.

I will head out in the morning for a week in Kansas City.  I shouldn't miss too much of harvest.  It looks like the crops still need some time to ripen.  Life is rich and full and as the Gospel today speaks about the seed... may the Lord find good rich soil in us and may our lives bear the fruit to show our LOVE and returning that love to all those in our lives - most especially those the closest to us in our domestic church/family.   Bless-bless, Barbara Luke

So much fun getting together a shower gift for Therese - she is organizing a shower for her new baby sister, and I had so much fun putting together "matching outfits" for the 3 girls in the family... Pictures will be in order!

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