Thursday, September 1, 2016

"Become a fool!"

Redo!!!!  Except this time John will be there, and the husbands, too!  I love this picture more than I can say... I love the life part of it with the two boys crying for their moms and the looking, grimacing, looks of "I wish this would end," and little Josie's head band slipping off... LIFE in picture form! 

I am thrilled that the Lord has answered a prayer from the recesses of my heart!  I had some sadness knowing that our 3 girls would be together this weekend along with their families... all 19 of them!  It just felt like we should try to go, too, but how?  We have a wedding on Saturday, and we finally got around to looking at where it is, and realized that it is half way to KC!  The next thing we know John, Pat, and I are talking about going there from the wedding and spending a few days, including going to mass Sunday morning with all 22 of us!  How I love that picture in my head, heart, and soul!

Another precious picture of LIFE with 13 little ones - 11 and under!  The sign on the barn is still there!  Family Time is the Best!  Looking out there today in the bright sunlight on these words made my heart sing today - realizing that those thoughts and prayers about being together as a family is coming True!  We will all be together minus Hallel and I long to give her a call while we are all together and filling her in on the new LIFE in the womb to be praying for, and all the other family news!  That would truly be a heartfelt prayer come true!
Smiles of gritted teeth?  Josephine slept through the entire thing.  It is so cute to see John excited to get a chance to spend time with his new Goddaughter, Josie, in an unexpected way!  He missed this week we had together in June as he was a Catholic Heart Work Camp.

Today in our amazing first reading from I Corinthians - St Paul tells us to "become a fool" for Christ!  The world's wisdom is so much vanity and rubbish, and we need to leave it behind and look for the Truth through The Church and The Word and placing our Faith first and foremost in all that we do and say and work and play and sing and watch and write and read and spend time with family when we are gifted with it, and forgive and forget and long to be forever in heaven with Jesus, Mary, all the Saints and the Angels!
Mary answered her mom's phone this morning and shared that she is excited to go for their big trip to spend time with family.  Her and Therese, although a couple years apart are close and enjoy playing with and caring for the younger ones - especially the babies!  Her parents told them about expecting a new baby at family prayer time a few weeks ago.  Mary jumped up and ran and shouted "My prayers are answered, my prayers are answered!"  She had been praying and hoping for a new baby, and it had come true!  It is a time of great JOY and many prayers without ceasing! 
I can't get enough of these, and I forsee a photo shoot with the husbands and John, Pat and I and Hallel might have to be added to make the picture complete!  It won't be in front of our red barn with these words of Truth, but rather in Kansas City at Nancy's home, but those words ring true and that it why they have not been changed... Family time is the Best!  We are thrilled to have this unexpected gift of all being together - with a phone call to France on Sunday that could indeed be True!

To be honest I smile inside when I am ridiculed for believing what I know to be The Truth given us by The True Church!  Today we see the first pope, St Peter, being a fool for Christ!  He is told by Jesus to lower the nets for a catch, when he has caught nothing all night.  So many fish are caught, and he sees the Truth - this is The Son of God and he just worked a miracle for me!  What does Peter come to realize - "I am a sinner and I am unworthy!"  "Depart from me, Lord, for I am a sinful man."   A full dose of humility and shame wash over him... he became a fool for Christ!  All pride and vanity vanished into the air!  As John prayed this morning as we shared prayer - "Keep me humble, Lord, it is so miserable but I know it is what I need to go forth and serve you and love you in others."
Out to the mailbox with the animals... two dogs and two cats... in the shade of our glorious cottonwood tree - I revel in this Truth on our cute barn!
Pat's mother enjoying the fabulous weather yesterday, reading her daily devotions - one by soon-to-be St Theresa of Calcutta, and having some lunch... not noon meal but that something sweet with coffee between noon meal (dinner) and evening meal (supper). When she gets up from her afternoon nap, she enjoys something sweet for lunch, and I smile knowing that this is part of my farm heritage thanks to her, and my life as a farmwife for these last 38 years!

We will be together on Sunday when St Theresa will become a Saint in The Church!  I know that she is storming heaven for the respect for LIFE!  Lord, help this country to realize that ALL LIFE is to be protected and cherished from conception to natural death!
All the granddaughters!

Jesus, I long to be with you always, and being your fool suits me just fine.  I just ask that my sharing your Truth could make a difference in this world.  I long for the culture of death to end and for LIGHT to fill the hearts, minds and souls of those, who have accepted the lies of Satan.  How can LIFE be so disrespected and taken without any thought?  Each life is a gift to be honored and cherished and protected and to be raised as LIGHTS in homes/domestic Church which place you first, Lord!  Jesus, may we humbly be your fools in how we see that through embracing our Most Cherished Cross we find LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT/ True Happiness!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and hallelujah
Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
The absolute BEST!  Yes, LOVE must start in our homes!

Nancy added her other two now to her header!  Love it!
Danielle Rose - Small things with great love
Danielle Rose - If I touch him

Borrowed this from Julia today...  So miraculous that it happened!

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