Monday, September 19, 2016

Calling me into the LIGHT....

 Arriving at the Little Monastery/Lumen Christi/Light of Christ this warm sultry morning in Kansas City... I was greeted with the Icon of the Trinity over the altar on which was Jesus in his humble form of what appears to be Bread but is Jesus' Body!  Having just spent some special time with my mother gazing upon her artwork of capturing this icon of the Trinity from Genesis 18:1-15... it truly gave me much joy and a smile covered my face!
Just looking at Genesis - it truly does say that God visited Abraham and told him that they would have a son in their old age!  The three were God/The Trinity!  This icon has come to me through the Community of the Lamb with its deep meaning now come to me through my mother's devotion to the same icon...
Her copy - "This is where I pray."  So great to have this connection orchestrated by the Holy Spirit without a doubt!
Her model! 

I am filled with happiness to know that the Lord called me to come and pray with him long and hard today!  I have gotten almost all 10 of the decades of my rosary done at his feet!
Pancakes to start my day with Nancy and the kids, and the two girls sharing tummy time before I found my way from the sub burbs into the inner city of KC.
This beam of light only showed up in my camera - not to the naked eye!

Filled with so much emotion this day - the day after Hallel's birthday yesterday!  Traveling down 35 for 7 hours to Kansas City with my rosary beads in my hands.  It suddenly struck me on Hallel's decade - #4 - the assumption of Mary into heaven - that I was praying for her and Clare Marie on the day of birth they share!  Clare Marie is a sister of one of the Little Sisters in The Community, who lives in Paris and almost died in a horrible car accident.  Hallel went to be at her bedside with her Little Sister, and they discovered that they were born on the same day!  September 18, 1985!  Yesterday they were both 31!  Over the years they make plans to try to be together for their birthday, but I know that Hallel is in Rome now with another Little Sister's sister who just had brain surgery.  It did feel wonderful to be able to share with those that know our Susan/Hallel and love her as well as her Community of the Lamb here in Kansas!
The LIGHT streaming in on Jesus!

So appropriate today in The Gospel from Luke 8:16... speaking about the LIGHT on the lampstand and how "for there is nothing hidden that will not become visible, and nothing secret that will not be known and come to the light..."  How I love that Jesus called me to him this morning and the tears welled forth and the hands were raised in praise as he revealed to me his great Truth - praying for my family and those intentions on my heart.  How I loved to be reminded that He is in control and we need to leave the door ajar and the light on so he can work in our lives!
The Lamb is victorious over the Cross!  Jesus humbly calling to me, and The Trinity under the tree and outside the tent... bringing the Truth of the Cross/LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT into our day to day life!
The Lamb in the cupala - the LIGHT house on the hill!  "Wounded, I will not cease to love."  The motto of the Lamb and of The Community of the Lamb!  Lord, may I embrace my most cherished Cross and find LOVE/LIFE/LIGHT!
The icon of Mary with Jesus "eating her chin" out of love for her!  I have seen my grandchildren do this to their mothers, too!
On the other side - Jesus is found in The Word!  So powerful for Hallel's Community!

Jesus, I am filled to overflowing by your LIGHT streaming in and around me as I am gifted with your LOVE as we are united in prayer... using the prayer of the rosary to remember each of my children/children in law, and grandchildren, then Pat my most Cherished Cross and my Godchildren, and all those in our families.... You call me back to my knees over and over again - you want me!  And I want you, my Lord!  Use me to your honor and glory this week!  Jesus, be with Hallel in Rome and heal this woman from her major surgery.  Thank you for the ministry you call our Hallel to perform and those we are called to remember in prayer.  Bless Hallel and Clair Marie, who is now wheelchair bound, on their 31 year!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
I had to wear my blue today!  I am so blessed to have my special times to be the Contemplative I discerned the Lord calling me to... the mother of 5 here and 7 in heaven and going on 15 grandchildren with 3 in heaven... not quite contemplative, but a call to prayer for many, which is a job I love!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
St Agnes - Hallel's patron saint... that is a story for another time!
It is adoration today and this woman crawled up to Jesus on her hands and knees!  Recognizing God on the altar!
For my mother---  St Edith Stein/ St Teresa Benedicta of the Cross is in the chapel on the back wall.  Thought you would like to see her today!
A great article in Cosmo!  How important is this to witness in that liberal magazine?  So great and miraculous!
I try to describe how amazing it is, and this is probably what I should take to heart!
I am sure that it is not The Communities' Version, but I get here and Salve Regina echoes through me!  Hail Holy Queen!

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