Sunday, September 11, 2016

Deep in His Mercy - deep family/farm roots pull at my heart.

The late afternoon light is so special in our remodeled church complete with the oversized or realistic Crucifix overhead.  It truly is strikingly beautiful and to see John up reading at his cousin, Brad's wedding - two boys just a shy of 2 months apart in age that grew up together and closely in their young years on the farm.  It was a sight of special meaning to probably me alone, but went very deep in my heart!  As I sit here looking at this picture... I am welling up with tears at all the memories flooding me.
A special honor to be reading their wonderful readings from Song of Songs, and Colossians... very powerful words and Truth of placing Jesus first in our lives and our marriages and filled with his Mercy - return that Mercy to one another.
Nancy and Family here from KC to share in this special family occasion!
It was nice to sit further back and really take in the beauty of our amazing Church!
Nancy and her 4 little ones here for the week on the farm.
The reception on the farm where Pat's family grew up.   Nancy shared her story of the day she was born - April 2, 1980.  Rita was at the clinic with 6 month old Shannon in shorts due to the heat, and the weather changed so much - probably 100 degrees difference so that the pipes in the barn froze!  She shared this as we walked over the lawn where the milking barn was, and where grandma's huge garden was.
Pat's mother was there with bells on!
The bride arrives..
One with her special grandma Anna!
4 generation with her special Aunt - Mary Yarusso with her Daughter, and grandson!
That smile for the little ones!
Grandma taking it all in!
A great time had by all!

Today in the readings we are reminded over and over of His Mercy and unconditional love.  This washes over me and I gain hope and courage to face all that comes to me.
Nancy and Shannon also grew up together and shared life on the farm in their younger years.  Soon they will both have baby daughters just about the same 6 months apart as they are!  A wonderful blessing for them both.
A big family breakfast over at Ruth's after mass! 

Lord, I love that you show this sinful woman your mercy!  Jesus, I trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Bob and Grace stopped in to share in the farm family fun.
The girls with their giant lego tower
So much light!
Josephine gets a lot of love!
Mary's bunny comes in for a visit, and Josie gets her first look at a bunny!
Cute alert!   Bless-bless, Barbara Luke

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