Sunday, September 18, 2016

KC - "I'm wiped!" Plenty of prayer time on the road.

I am here at the house with the red door!  I am recalling how full of life it was just 2 weeks ago, and now I await the arrival of Nancy and Bill and their 4 kids in a few hours.  Fatigue is washing over me and bed will be early tonight, then up in the morning for my trip to Lumen Christi/Light of Christ Little Monastery in the heart of Kansas City. 
I just talked to Pat, who is with his mother today.  The hay is cut and with dry weather and wind they should be bailing by Tuesday.  He sure enjoyed having Nancy and her kids at the farm for the week, but now he has a busy week ahead.
Dan and Angela's barn with a sweet Our Lady in their house.  I went to mass with my brother, Dan and his wife... the old retired priest preached from the words of St Paul to Timothy about how we are to pray in many ways and for everyone!  It was a 8 hour ride with lots of prayer time!  I was able to get in all 10 decades of the rosary I pray and the chaplet of divine Mercy!  I think I just about prayed for everyone!  The words my mother and I shared about Mary and how she embodies the Trinity and if you love her at all there is no place to be but The Church!
The statue Maria gave to Angela for sewing her wedding dress!
A painting my mother did of my sister, Mary, as a baby.  She has been gone to cancer now for 30 years!
Not long before her death with her husband... lots of memories come with my time with my parents.
An icon of the trinity my mom painted in the last few years..."I sit there for my prayer time."  It is an icon used a lot in Hallel's Community of the Lamb, and I will probably see it displayed in the chapel tomorrow.
My mother pondering the original from which she made hers'.  It is so good to have her using her artistic talents again.  "I have a painting project each lent."
The sun was my companion all the way to Kansas City... It is 85 degrees here and it is sad to see their neighborhood pool covered up for the season.  I guess there has to be an official end for summer.
 A selfie with my dad before they headed out to Stillwater for mass, and I started my journey.  Thank you, Lord, for wonderful rich prayer time on the road, and then Christian music to lift me up... reminding me that you are all that matters to me.  Be with my husband and farm family back on the farm, and safe travels for my little family on the road coming back home to KC, and be with Hallel as she returns to join her Community of the Lamb in Saint Pierre.  Help me to answer the door and the phone with LOVE and JOY!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
St Agnes will be there to greet me, and I brought plenty of blue to wear.  The Lord has blessed my considering a call with a daughter that is a contemplative nun and I can have a small slice from time to time.  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke

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