Sunday, September 25, 2016

On the base with Maria and family - pondering the poor man with a name.

Josephine comes to visit for our last lunch in the Little Monastery... Laying on my lap looking up at the Lamb in the cupala overhead.  Such a sweet and happy little girl.  I was just telling Therese that I did not hear her cry once while I was there for the week!  As Nancy would say to her; "You are so good that I can forget about you."  Why would that be funny to her and I?  Because Nancy was so good that there is a story in the family of me forgetting about her while I had a big canning day.  Yes, she was safely in the crib, but she was quiet the whole time!
Bernadette put on a small blue apron and answered the door for my friend the Missionary, who came to visit the Monastery for the first time!
Plenty of time to grow into this, and wear it to help with setting the table and do the dishes for years to come!  Her big cousin, Mary, always loves to put on the blue apron and help in the kitchen!
Bernadette helping set the table, and Domo too!
Showing Brigitte the Lamb in the cupala - "Wounded, I will not cease to love." 

The Gospel today convicted me on a experience I had while watching the Little Monastery last week.  A young man came in while I was praying and when he spoke out in an unknown language that resembled speaking in tongues - I put a locked door between us and called for help.  How much better would it have been if I had asked him if he was alright and if I could do anything for him - like food or a drink of pop or water?  My experience could have been so much better and more in line with what Jesus would do and what we are called to do!
Sharing lunch in the refectory was special!
Josie with her foot and the apron the color of The Community in this holy place that will be familiar to her over the years with The Community in our lives and part of our family through our Little Sister Hallel!
Sharing the LIGHT with the little ones.  They didn't last long, but it was good for them to be there.
Cleaning up the flowers before I left... a rose petal under the tabernacle represents my heart dwelling there close to Jesus and our Family of the Community of the Lamb.  Hallel called just before I headed out for the base here in Missouri, and said that she will be in Rome for another year.  " I prayed so hard at the altar in KC that you would come here this year."  "I know mom."  A mother can hope and pray, can't she?  I know that we will hopefully see her sometime in the next year, but it is great to talk to her.
Back from mass with the family on the military base, and now to Faith Formation and rosary making with two young boys.  The Gospel today really made me look at an incident at the Little Monastery differently... will share more later.  We are off!
David helping Patrick put his shoes on for mass.  It is pretty special to watch the kids help each other get ready for mass!
Romeo learning at the feet of his big brothers... soon he will not be the youngest.  They are now calling him the "toddler" as there will be a baby sister here soon!
Therese is the best helper of all!  She is so excited to have a sister coming and a baby is her favorite!
While the kids had Faith Formation... Maria and I made rosaries.  She picked out the blue of The Community of the Lamb just for me, and she tied all the knots.  She told me that she learned how to make these rosaries years ago at Schoenstatt camp - a camp I sent the girls to so that they could see sisters in habits and consider it for an option of being a nun.  Susan did tell me on the way home when she was about 12 that she thought she was going to be a sister.  So powerful that I had to pull over and cry at the Holy Spirit in the car!
Good to share this time with Maria and her family!
So fun to see Romeo up playing in the flour while mom was making pizza dough last night!  John would play with cars in the flour when I would make pie crusts!

Lord, may I realize that you are asking me to get out of my comfort zone and give to those in need that I encounter.  What am I afraid of?  I am missing out on going deep and giving to those in need.  My comfort is not the foremost, and how I learn at the feet of The Community in living without the comforts that I have grow accustomed to.  May I die to self so that you may live and serve through me.  Jesus, I trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Taking down the crucifix after mass, and...
Putting up the plain cross for the Protestant service to follow.  David and I agreed that we like to see Jesus on the cross to remind us what he did for us, and His Body and Blood we just were given in the banquet of heaven and earth.  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Working on a letter for The Little Sisters... a watercolor I did with the kids at Nancy's.  I hope to have watercolor time here today, but a Sunday nap is calling out to me now!

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