Tuesday, September 27, 2016

On journey with Jesus through faith/family/farm!

A huge container of hair bows and ties will now have sister to share them with!  We have the date for Evangeline's arrival - on her dad's birthday, October 25th!  "She will be here 4 weeks from today!"  Therese was jumping for JOY!
Gifts for the shower.  I thanked Therese for giving me the JOY of making my watercolor cards and giving special gifts to my military girls.  Therese said that the boys said they will teach her how to play war and fight.  I am sure "T" has plans to play her dollies with her new sister.  I wonder who will win?
A watercolor I did for Maria's birthday in highschool - I think it was her 14th birthday.  I use children's books to help me come up with ideas and then make them my own.
This was made for her when she left for college with many prayers for her Faith journey with Jesus.  She had plans to leave The Church, but after a conversation with a seminarian... she not only did not miss going to Sunday mass but started to go to daily mass and became a Catholic Studies major and studied in Rome for a year, then joined the Poor Clares for 7 months and discerned out... finished college including a masters and then married Joseph... now expecting #5 in 4 weeks!
"Do you think I loved doing this?"  Yes!

It seems that I get away from home and I need to capture my time through watercolors.  At home I don't feel the need to watercolor unless there is a birthday or occasion of memory.  I am about to head out on my journey home!
Pat says that soon this will be happening at home, so I am needing to get there and do my part.  Love this and yes, my prayers are with safety and a good harvest.  Dear Lord, Keep us safe and sane!
Chores start the day - Therese washes the floors - one each day except for Sunday!  Today was grandma's room while she packed her car.
David doing the vacuuming each morning.

Lord, gives me safe travels to my busy farm home, and be with the farmers keeping them safe.  Thank you for Family time and for the blessings we receive one from the other.  The Mercy we have been shown may we return to those in our domestic Church/family.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb
Saying goodbye to mom and dad - mom to see the doctor and all is well, and dad off to work for the day.
Grandma got to help with home school...
One on my right and one on my left!

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