Monday, September 26, 2016

Pondering the child... watercolor morning in MO

My painting of Therese holding her new sister, which will happen a lot, and what a great helper she will be! I am predicting that she will have lots of dark hair like her older sister did, but time will tell!  I had to put a squirrel in the tree out the window and a robin with her blue eggs in the nest as "T" talked about those both this morning.

Therese is doing something sweet and wonderful for her baby sister, who is due to arrive in about a month!  She is organizing a shower for her sister, Evangeline Mary!  In pondering what to do for a gift... I know that with Therese now 8 and 3 boys since, that Maria's girl clothes are down to next to none.  I decided to do one of my favorite things and that is dressing my girls alike.  So I have a gift for Maria, Therese and Evangeline to open and then I will need to see them all together in pictures if nothing else!  I had lots of fun today making a watercolor card for the 3 of them, with two little boys at my side - Romeo and Patrick, while mom did homeschooling with the older 2.
Evangeline in her infant seat... She has got to have a topknot in her hair and a bow.  My girls probably groan when they see this, and grandma would have to put the bow in briefly just because and then it would be removed.

How precious is every child!  Life is to be cherished and protected from conception to natural death.  We can observe both ends and all the stages and ages in between with many new little babies coming into our families on both sides, and Pat's mother on hospice for the last year and a half.  Doing the litany of both of families in the Little Monastery the other day - we have reached over 200 with our families combined.  It is so special to gaze upon Jesus in the tabernacle and name each one!  Prayers of great power and HOPE!  "Jesus and Mary we love you, Save Souls!"
Finally Maria's card with her two girls, but I had to make it complete with Joseph and the 3 boys out under the tree with their dog, Princess, too!  I decided to add the Little Monastery/the LIGHTHOUSE on the hill behind, too.  It just felt right to add that after this week I have had between the two.
This new child/new life, humble and helpless and needing much from her family..."making enormous demands, giving enormous consolation..."  Caryll Houselander (1954)  Represents Christ entering our lives with each new LIFE and asking of us to give more of ourselves.  There is a misconception in this world that we should limit our children for this selfish reason... we don't want to give til it hurts or deny ourselves the job or the big vacation or the nice home or the great car or boat or vacation home or stuff and things and all that is new and fun!  The world tells us that we must be successful and climb the ladder and earn a lot of money to spend on our enjoyment.  Stuff rather than having siblings... how can it ever hold a candle to being anywhere close?  All is passing, but family is always there to grow in LOVE with!
Every morning the kids wave and run up the sidewalk while dad goes to work!

Here with my 3rd daughter, Maria, is a true lesson on humble and decluttering and doing without.  There is no TV of Netfliks to fill in the days.  There is much playing with toys, which are cleaned up and put away numerous times throughout the day.  There is housework and chores done by the kids.  This morning 8 year old David vacuumed the carpet, while Therese helps her younger brothers get dressed, and folds the clothes.  They clear their dishes after each meal and clean their plates.  There is not all peace and JOY, but there is discipline and order, which makes for sweet good children. 
Romeo walking the dog in the house where he is big enough to control her.  David and Therese take her out around the block (about a 20 minute walk) throughout the day.  Romeo is waiting until he will be old enough.  He has now become the toddler and no longer the baby - making the way for his sister to take that cherished spot!  Romeo turned 2 on his grandpa Pat's birthday - both on September 15!
They had to show me their "machine" which they take to the top of the hill and come zooming down!
Patrick's school includes animal and a bird book, and help from the older two in naming them.  Then he watercolored next to grandma...

Lord, today in the Gospel we are shown the example of the little child... "the one who is least among all of you is the one who is the greatest."  Each new life is of the utmost value, as our LOVE grows bigger and is not stretched more thin!  Who would not want more LOVE and more LIFE and more LIGHT?  This all comes to us through embracing our Most Cherished Cross, and that is hard and the epitome of Sacrifice!  We are asked to give, as the Lamb did, without counting the cost!  Yes, Lord, I thank and praise you for each new life, and there are so many in both of our families now!  Just yesterday my Goddaughter, Erika, welcomed her baby daughter, Opal!  LOVE has grown larger and filled this world with another LIGHT!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Romeo snuggles for grandma this morning on the couch!  Between our two families we will welcome 10 new babies in a year!  Amazing and wonderful!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Sunday was a great family time ending with dad playing his guitar with tumbling and dancing, prayers and bedtime!
Family time walking the dog with storm clouds overhead.  The air is fresh and cool today.  I am loving sitting in front of the open window and enjoying air!  After a week of heat and humidity this is heavenly!
Grandma and Therese folding clothes before supper. 

Jesus, I trust in you.

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