Thursday, September 22, 2016

Reaching out for the Truth - "that we may gain wisdom of heart." Psalm 90 from mass today

Little "Josephine Bakhita" as her big brother, Augustine, calls her and giving her the full name of the Saint which inspired her name in both of her parents... is starting to grab things with determination at 4 months.  She reached out and grabbed her sister, Bernadette's hand and fingers and it was a special moment for the two girls.  It reminds me of a story in the family of when I reached out and grabbed a older cousin's fingers and she said; "Her holds my hand like she likes me, like she likes me a lot!"  I think these two loving sisters shared similar feelings.
Watching my sweet wonderful little JoJo learning to reach out for others, which by far are more special than reaching out for things as they touch us personally... Spoke to me today of how we need to get away from all the distractions that come to us through stuff and meaningless pursuits and concentrate with all our might on using our baby fingers to reach out for The Truth!
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A quote and picture of St Josephine also reminding us that our own plans are to be set aside for the Plan that is what the Lord has for our lives!  So special that Josephine will have this amazing Saint to walk with her on her journey of LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT!
Such a sweet and happy baby... Nancy thanks the Lord for her with many hugs and kisses, and she fills the house with sunshine in the form of smiles and giggles and love for all!

This experience between Nancy's young family and my days spent at the Little Monastery have been rich and powerful this week.  I have time in the chapel throughout the day, and am so filled with The Spirit in that space!  Somewhere in my reading yesterday, I was reminded of coming to spend time with Jesus in the tabernacle...
The LIGHT indicating the presence of Jesus in the tabernacle calls out to me to come and adore and lift up my needs and the rosary beads are in my hands filling me with peace and joy as I pray for many.  I see with new eyes and from my heart and soul the special place that people come to here... this simple chapel filled with so much beauty and peace and LOVE itself in Jesus in the tabernacle. 

As a prayed yesterday a young man looking very troubled entered and bowed his head in a weary prayer... he then spoke out words of no language I have ever heard - similar to speaking in tongues...  In this holy place I am not surprised by these moments of encounter with God.  I am sure that I am just scratching the surface in these few days of what the Little Sisters embrace with each day with fearless humble love and service to the poor!  I am filled with, once again, the wonder that they have put down roots here in the heart of our troubled country in this poor neighborhood in KC!
As I prayed this morning I got a message from a cousin... she was heading to the post office to mail me something she picked up for me while visiting Rome a few weeks ago.  "I am here in the Little Chapel in Kansas City... a small slice of Rome."  I wrote to her promising her prayers for her 47th anniversary this week in front of the tabernacle with Jesus!

The first reading from Ecclesiastes 1... speak of "all things are vanity!"  In this world where things and success are valued more than being open to life and having a large family with many kids that have siblings rather than material stuff... This message has been squashed and values are so confused and messed up and it is so sad to see spoiled and selfish children being sent out into the world!  No wonder marriages are of little value and do not last for very long when the spouses have not been taught how to give without counting the cost.  Those baby hands of ours have not been taught to reach for others and the joy and love we can give them rather than to reach for stuff!
Another picture that I found in my prayer book taken here in KC shortly after the birth of Josephine!  The entire Community came over to see her at a week old and welcome this new member into their family.  As Nancy said - "Hallel wasn't there, but this is my family, too and they all surrounded our new baby with Family!"  One of their special gifts to us is singing with their beautiful voices blessing songs over us... Josie got her first at a week old!

When I am gifted with my time here and life becomes simple and humble and we see through all the distractions of the world.. when you see those that are truly down and out and the phone rings with families with big hard problems asking for prayers... It really allows you to leave self behind and look out and reach out with those baby hands and grab the Truth... All that really matters in this world is our love for Jesus and our neighbor!
The two girls sharing some time close with hugs and kisses!
Dominic smiling for a picture to send to his farmer grandpa!
Bernadette back from dance class showing what she learned today.

Lord, how I long to leave the world behind, yet we are called to do a lot of work caring for all we have been given.  It is such a gift to be here on this peaceful island/ small slice of Roma/humble LIGHT house on the hill that speaks to all those around of your LIGHT/LOVE/LIFE we find through embracing our Most Cherished Cross and following after you down the narrow path.  May we "gain wisdom of heart" as we see the Truth in all that comes to us this day.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
On the window sill in the chapel - the blue covering of the prayer book is such a sweet reminder of the Little Sisters!  Armed with prayer and The Gospel they go forth with courage to face all that comes with their vocation called being poor and loving the poor!
Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Mary with her child who is God... models for us how we are to be open to LIFE and raise LIGHTS for this world of sin and darkness!

Reaching out for the Truth with our baby hands/humble hands/dirty hands/hands that yearn to give the love and mercy we have been shown!
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