Friday, September 9, 2016

"Thank you for sharing the JOY of your family with others..." A friend..."The Gospel free of charge!" St Paul today

Such a stunning sight when over 50 pairs came across the road yesterday onto a pasture they haven't grazed on for over a month!

Paul is being filmed and interviewed today for a contest he is in through the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance.  I have been talking to Pat on the phone and he was describing how all these pairs of cows and calves are out grazing on the green pasture here by the driveway this morning, and the camera crew was thrilled with the sight.  With all the rain overnight I thought that they might cancel, but the rain stopped and with no wind or sun to contend with... this turned out to be the perfect day for filming.  Pat described how you could watch and hear the calves calmly nursing on their mothers and the cows grazing on the lush green grass!  Good luck, Paul!
We are so thrilled to have a young and energetic farm family now living and loving the farmlife on the farm!  Ruth and Paul are co-farming along with Pat, and their kids are very involved, too.  Rose was very excited talking about all the new life they would have there this spring with the baby calves from our close to 200 cows and their new baby "sister."  According to the pattern, they are due to have a girl this time, but time will tell.
I got to "help" yesterday weaning calves from a pasture about 10 miles away... It was a lesson on willingness and enthusiasm in helping her dad by Ruth.  She is a wonderful assistant to her dad and husband!  The farmers her dad always hoped for!
Yes, I am now the egg farmer lady, and I have some cute assistants from time to time.  We just had a roasted chicken for lunch out on the porch yesterday - and Rose spoke excitedly about how we had all butchered them together.  Grandpa said we will have to have more next year, and they are a huge hit!

It was wonderful to get a message from a friend overnight.... thanking me for "sharing the joy of your family with others."  She spoke of how it helps when you are surrounded by so much hard news.  Sometimes I am told by some of those closest to me that it comes across as bragging to share my joy, but I feel that it is important to share with all those that care to listen that if we love Jesus and His Bride, The Church without reservation and follow all that we are given in dogmas, and The Word, the Sacraments, Our Lady, The Saints, on and on... I am not a shopping cart Catholic - I believe and follow it all!!!!  It is important to share "The Gospel free of charge " as St Paul tells us and the Corinthians today in I Cor 9, and what is that?  Jesus is The Way, The Truth and The LIFE! 
Ruth and Luke in her new canning kitchen on spaghetti sauce day!  Ruth had two visions for her old farmhouse made new - visibility of the yard, which is super important with her 6 kids, and a canning kitchen!

I will continue to share the joy of our family!  Yes, we have our ups and downs like everyone else, but truly we do find joy in being together, and sharing our Faith is foremost in what binds us close and forever.  We look to heaven as we have many there we long to meet someday - 7 kids for Pat and I, 7 siblings for the kids and now 3 grandchildren, plus Pat and I both have a sibling in heaven and Pat's dad has our prayers for his finding heaven.  Much to keep our eyes, hearts and minds and souls longing to be there with Jesus, Mary and The Saints, including the great one for today St Peter Claver! 
"As soon as a slave ship entered the port, Peter Claver moved into its infested hold to minister to the ill-treated and exhausted passengers. After the slaves were herded out of the ship like chained animals and shut up in nearby yards to be gazed at by the crowds, Claver plunged in among them with medicines, food, bread, brandy, lemons and tobacco. With the help of interpreters he gave basic instructions and assured his brothers and sisters of their human dignity and God’s saving love. During the 40 years of his ministry, Claver instructed and baptized an estimated 300,000 slaves."

What an example of sharing the Gospel free of charge, but even more so offering them help on all levels... living the Gospel and when necessary use words!  St Francis
Our bottle calf/super tame as a result was on the other side of the fence this morning, and the kids got into the filming as they petted her!
Mary and Hillary out running back and forth after Mary fed her a bottle this spring!  A picture of pure JOY!
Mary has always thought it was perfectly normal to have pet cows and calves.  Imagine the feeling to have a calf loving you and spending time with you!  I would have loved to see them out petting her today in the pasture by the house.  I will have to wait to see it on the movie they are making today.
This pretty much describes the lift my friend gave me today! 

Jesus, yes, life is not a bed of roses, yet we are given so much each day of this journey traveling down the narrow path carrying/dragging our most Cherished Cross!  May we gain the strength and joy we need to face down all the darkness in our world through the small slice of heaven we are given when we share our Faith with JOY in our domestic Church/family!  Sharing our Faith gives us the strength we need and turns our tears into laughter in time and healing.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
I was so overjoyed to add Little Sister Hallel and make our family photo complete.  It is a fake picture, but one that represents the Truth that we are all together through prayer and in The Holy Spirit!  Why not be able to feast my eyes on the Truth?  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Hallel dwells in the heart of our Family filled with JOY as we share our Faith/Family/Farm!
Similar to the quote by St Francis and equally true!
John and I commented on all the beautiful words to Our Lady on her feast celebrating her birth!  Found this today!

Laura Daigle - Trust in you

Romeo "walking the dog" in Missouri today.

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