Thursday, September 8, 2016

The dawn before the sunrise... Mother Mary's birthday!

Arriving over at Ruth's as the sun was rising this morning.  An early day for the farmers as the calves are being weaned today.  It was dark when we left home, but Pat said that they could see as dawn lightened up the skies.  So fun to read a similar comparison made to Our Lady today as it is the celebration of her birth!  Mary and I had to go out and snap a few in the bright sun of her with her namesake on this special feast day!
Mary has a special place in her heart for her namesake, and that will serve her well on her journey of LIFE!  Son of Justice, the Virgin was born before you as dawn comes before the day...  This made me smile as we had just spoken about the dawn this morning on the farm. 

Another special quote for today's celebration - "Today God welcomes on earth the holy throne which he had prepared for himself.  He who establishes the heavens in wisdom has fashioned a living heaven."  I do feel that Mary with me each day does give me a view of heaven and floods me with peace and joy and love!
Out on a beautiful day working with the cows and calves.  Tonight there will be a lot of bawling calves in the barn at Ruth and Paul's farm.  The neighbors will have to shut their windows to keep the noise down. 
The cows around the fence mooing at their calves as they are put on the trailer to be brought to the barn on the farm.
Now the cows can work on the calves they will have this winter/spring that they are carrying in their womb. 

It is a busy day here, and so I will keep this short.  It is fun to have the underlying special feast day to reflect on throughout our time together.  There was about a 20 minute trip to this pasture so I pulled out my prayer book and we shared morning prayer in the pickup with Ruth and her 2 youngest!  It was an unexpected delight to share.  Rose spoke about all the babies that will be on their farm when the cows have their claves and they have their new baby.  She sure had a smile on her face when she talked about it! 
One last hope that her calf might come back... sorry...

Jesus, how blessed are we to have the dawn before the sunrise/day - your Mother to bring our needs to you and to care for our needs on this journey of LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT.  I have found a constant prayer as the beads pass through my fingers and I lift up each of my kids and their families and my husband, Godchildren, my family, Pat's Family and The Church... Lord, I love you and want to be forever with you in heaven.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Showing Pat's mom my family picture now complete with Hallel in the heart of our family as she enjoyed her lunch out on the porch yesterday...
I had put one of our chickens in the oven for the morning, so we had a wonderful lunch out on our wonderful porch, too!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
I had the fun of doing Kateri braids for Rose today, and we sure did love our chicken dinner out on the wonderful porch!  Soon they will have a porch at their house on the farm, too!
These are everywhere these days! 
Teach us to seek treasure in heaven by renouncing possessiveness on earth. Blessed Virgin Mary, we ask your intercession as we lift up this prayer on your Nativity.

This looks like granddaughter, Mary!
Happy Birthday, Blessed Mother! Today is the feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Celebrated since the 6th century, the traditional date of the feast is September 8, exactly nine months after the feast of her Immaculate Conception. The birth of the Virgin Mary ushers in the dawn of the redemption of the human race through Jesus Christ.

O Mary of all women,
You are the chosen one,

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