Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The first baby photo shoot in my new house! One body in Christ..."Know that the Lord is God; he made us and we are his!" Psalm 100

I am filled with so much excitement this morning at having a baby girl to dress from my drawer of clothes that I collect from my girls and grandkids leaving this or that here.  Josephine was snuggling between Pat and I this morning, and with the chilly air I went to find something soft and warm for her to wear.  I discovered this familiar sweater from probably the era of my girls and I can recall it on Mary and Rose, so although big it was a treat to put on Josie.  Of course, the photo shoot came to mind and heart, but it would be the first baby shoot in my new house.  What to do?
Ruth's beautiful afghan and a soft teddy bear along with a purple baby headband from my always ready for any occasion drawer of hair accessories!  Josephine probably saw spots for a while after with all the flashing and getting close to morning nap, she soon got tired of her crazy grandma.  I know her daddy will love to see her so cute as he is away on a business trip.
In our home on the farm I would bring them into the front room by the huge East facing picture window with all the wonderful light, but here I enjoyed the south window with the green of our wet summer and the crucifix that is there in front of it.  Josephine holding the teddy bear's paw made it special too!
Without flash is softer and sweet.

Rose at 1 in one of my favorite places for pictures - the window is still there, but the tree and the Mary garden are now gone in prep for a new porch on the house, which is now filled with Ruth, and Paul and their family - the young farm family!
The same day in Sept of 2013... this face looks like one that Josie gave me today... "are you done yet?"
"Stop grandma already!"

I did have the blessing of praying morning prayer with both John and Pat one after the other this morning!  Happy Feast day John as it is another great John today - St John Chrysostom!  Reading the words of St Paul about our being many members of The Body of Christ, along with Psalm 100, which is a grand Hallel Psalm of total PRAISE for how loved and beloved we are! 
Know that the Lord is God;
he made us, his we are;
his people, the flock he tends.
We are his people: the sheep of his flock.
Naptime - she is now sleeping in on my bed. I get some time here "babysitting" while the girls are over making our wonderful pizza sauce we love to use for homemade pizza!

Reading the Gospel today with John really brought our shared battle against brain cancer 7 years ago to mind.  My only son brought back to life, and finding Faith through brain cancer!  He was surrounded by so many prayers and taught many how to pray and that Jesus does listen and answer our prayers!
It was so true of many being filled with amazement and "fear" of the reality of Jesus being alive and well and at work in this world!  "God has visited his people."  Luke 7  How we all were humbled and filled with the Truth that Jesus does still heal and answer our prayers and then use us to make a huge difference in this world.  John has shared that all the LOVE he was given... he is now called to share in return!  So true of each one of us - we are given so much unconditional love and Mercy by our God and we are called to return that to all those around us - most especially those closest to us that we are supposed to love the most yet we treat the worst!  May we give today without counting the cost!
"Her holds my hand like she likes me!"  the words I said when I had a new baby sister that squeezed my hand and grabbed onto it years ago!

I hear a baby stirring in my bedroom, so I should end this today... Jesus, I adore you and thank for answering my prayers and those of so many when we face all the difficulties of life.  May we return that love and mercy and forgiveness we have been given to those around us.  We love you and need you and long to find a small slice of heaven here on earth in our domestic Church/family.  If we can only put you first and foremost and think less of ourselves.... we can find more peace, patience, love , joy, kindness, generosity, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control... The fruits of your Holy Spirit dwelling in our homes!  That would be so wonderful and truly allow us to find a happy healthy home!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
A sweet one of Nancy with Bernadette by the patio door in our family room/kitchen and now in Ruth and Paul's bedroom.  Bernadette is not quite a year old here.  Feeling nostalgic today, yet so filled with joy at having baby Josie to enjoy baby times with!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
We were doing apples 3 years ago, and today it is tomatoes!
This girl is so sweet and so loved!

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