Wednesday, September 28, 2016

the journey down the narrow path...

Just minutes before I started for home... my military family out on a gorgeous day!  Maria had just discovered that she will have her daughter in 4 weeks - October 25th!  We are all very excited and prayerful that all goes well.  We are trusting as we are asked to by Jesus today in the Gospel. 
Family Time is the Best!!!!

I love this sign on my barn... it has been there since June when all the girls, minus Hallel, came home.  Now I have been gone almost 2 weeks spending time with my parents, Nancy and Maria and families.  Bean harvest started around here yesterday, but today is dreary and damp, so on hold due to the weather.  Pat put 2 cows, one of them being our pet cow, Baby, in the pasture around our little red barn.  It adds to the specialness of being home.  They watched me as I went out to pick 15 eggs and half a pail of vegetables from the garden this morning.  The 2 dogs and 2 cats also joined me on my rounds.
Some cow companions this morning instead of little ones filled with the ups and downs of little ones.
The chickens seemed to do OK with out the old chicken lady here to care for them. 
Two weeks away and the crops are very much ripening... Pat says that when the corn pushes out the ends that it is the sign of a great crop!  The rains certainly have been here this year, so we are hopeful!
Cats in the corn field, and dogs begging for an egg, and tomatoes, peppers, onions and beets fresh from the garden.  Ruth stopped in with Luke and Rose - her job is to do the decorations in the school chapel.  She will use leaves, corn stalks and soy beans... we think they represent fall and are beautiful!
They sure are a great family!  It was great to share in their daily life. 

It is good to be home for my two men, and we caught up some before bed and prayed together this morning - morning prayer and the Gospel before they headed out to their jobs.  Both report that they are happy and doing well. John is very excited about how well his 8th grade girls volley ball team is doing, and in awe of the varsity team.  It is good to see him happy and enjoying being back in the school setting.  Thank you, Lord!
I returned home to discover this amazing gift straight from Rome from a sweet cousin!  She had been in Rome over the time that Teresa of Calcutta was sainted!  On Sunday September 4th Pope Francis had her mass, and it sounds like all Rome was filled with people around that time...  My cousin writes: "My friends and I tried three different times to go into St Peters Basilica but after several hours in line we walked away!  But we got up very early on the 11th ( the day before I left Roma) to try again.  We arrived to find the Pope was giving a Mass and Blessings to all who were there!  I ran to the corner store in front of the Basilica and bought this Rosary with you in mind!  The rosary was blessed by Pope Francis on Wednesday, September 11th at the Vatican.
  Later that day we returned to the Basilica and we were able to walk through and touch the Holy Doors (opened this year for the special year of Mercy), and walk into the Basilica.  People ask me for my favorite experience in Roma and I must say it was the moment I touched the doors and walked into this beautiful tribute to our Lord!  I felt the Holy Spirit touch me and go through my whole body!!  It has changed my life forever!!  I don't have an emptiness of walking alone and I can handle anything that he wants me to do." 

I love the blue - it reminds me of my week with my Community of the Lamb and to have these blessed beads with St Teresa of Calcutta remembered as she intercedes with Mary the Queen of Heaven to our Lord!

When I asked my cousin, if I could share this here... she wrote me; "Absolutely share my wonderful experience in St Peter's Basilica!  He wants us to share HIS wonderful love!  My experience has truly changed my life!  Before this experience I was always afraid of being alone.  I knew and believed the Holy Spirit was always with me, but now... I felt is sweep through my body standing there in The Basilica!!  My life has forever changed!! Life is good!  God Bless you, you cousin." 
 A call for lunch has ended up in a few hours away, and the need to quickly end this for today. 

Jesus, I love you and am so glad that I can share it with every beat of my heart and every breath that I take!  How wonderful to share the story of my cousin and her amazing wisdom of The Truth - "He wants us to share his wonderful LOVE!"  Yes!  You are so right and this is the exact message of our Pope Francis in announcing this being the year of Mercy!  WE are to return  the LOVE, Mercy and unconditional forgiveness we have been given to all those we encounter... most especially those the closest to us in our domestic church/family!  The Beauty of The Church truly does lift our spirits and souls to YOU, O Lord.  Daily I call upon you, O Lord; to you I stretch out my hands.  Psalm 88 from mass today.  After listening to Christian music for 11 hours in my car yesterday coming home... I feel that my hands are lifted up in total praise for my wonderful Savior!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Halleujah
A great harvest is underweigh... praying for safety for all those working long hours taking out the crop.  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Over to Ruth's to pick apples and get one of Luke with the pumpkins...
Easy to pick, but hard to mow under especially now that the branches are loaded with huge apples! 
My blessed Rosary is calling me and my sweet cousin will be included in my prayer time on her gift to me! 
Dear younger me - Mercy Me
Casting Crowns - One step away
7th time down - God is on the move

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