Thursday, September 29, 2016

Unexpected invite to mass - Arch Angel Feast day

How about a half hour notice for your grandson's mass at school?  I knew that I would have Luke today, as Ruth worked overnight and needs some peaceful sleep, but suddenly I was informed that I could go to mass this morning at school... Simon's 6th grade mass on this beautiful feast of the 3 glorious/ or should I say giving God all the glory Archangels... Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel!  Simon appropriately sang like an angel as he led the singing through mass.  Ruth worked on her volunteer job of decorating the chapel.. using soybeans and corn out of the fields along with some leaves.
There is a special place in my heart for this beautiful statue of Mary over the years.  All 5 of our kids spent about 18 years here from when Ruth started in Kindergarten and John graduated 8th grade.  And now we are there again with Ruth's.  With #6 now she will have kids here even longer than we did!

It was such a gift to find myself in this beautiful chapel today with Ruth, just off of work, and Luke happy to see mom for a while!  A great addition to our day!  It was great to spend morning prayer with Pat and John while they ate breakfast and then headed off to work.  The wonderful angels at our side and at war with the evil that is in this world.  Learning that St Raphael is who is to be prayed to for "defender of adolescent chastity."  John mentioned that he needs to tell his siblings about this with all their little ones to protect from harm and misguided worldly notions that are all around us this day.
Simon leading the singing during the mass... a sweet newborn there with mom as his brother is involved in the mass, too!  So wonderful to see families grow and this wonderful Catholic school sharing Faith with generations!  This little baby's dad was a classmate of Ruth's and now their children will worship and grow here basking in the LIGHT, and protected by the Archangels and Mary and Jesus with all the Saints!  An army of good to keep us on the path. 
A special sight to these old grandma eyes. 

A class picture when they are all dressed up for mass!  They are 6th graders this year, and just 2 years left in HRS!
Believe... all things are possible... Nice job, Ruth, and the farm certainly did provide for the fall decorations. 
Sweet Simon sings so beautifully and uses his voice like an instrument, which is truly is!

Luke is soon to lay down and give grandma some rosary/rest time after our busy morning in town.  He certainly is a very advanced talker, and was interesting to be in the store with.  "What is her name?"  "What are they buying?" 
Luke showed me how he played hide and go seek in the confessional yesterday while mom was decorating.  The confessionals are fun now, and a reminder that both of grandsons, Davids, are having their first reconciliation soon, and will both be receiving their first Communion this year!  Exciting times with 2 first reconciliations and 2 first Communions, and 3 baptisms this year!  The best!  Then to have this most special mass and Sacrament - Eucharist on this glorious day of the feast of the Archangels!  So much to give us what we need and then some for this journey of Faith each day!
Each window sill had a special arrangement made more beautiful by the bright sunlight coming in the frosted windows.

Jesus, your blessings and graces abound and we are given so much more than we can ever take in and make a part of us.  May we become more and more yours and die to self so that the Holy Spirit can work through us.  May we become your hands and feet in this world of confusion and darkness.  We are called to be open to LIFE and to raise LIGHTS to shine forth in the darkness.  May we always embrace our Most Cherished Cross and follow after you.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
I see you... Luke.  You are so lucky to be #5 and will be a big brother to #6... showing your sibling how to grow in Faith in our wonderful Catholic School!  Faith is taught foremost in the home/our domestic Church, but it is so wonderful to have Catholic School to assist us in teaching and living The Truth!
Luke crossing himself with holy water after we greeted his brothers and sister.  Rose is in preschool all day Tuesday and Thursdays now.  Growing up so much!
Mowing the lawn as the sun was setting... it was so beautiful, and many times I would stop mowing to try to capture it!
The last rays of the sun and the violet clouds on our special cottonwood tree, and the corn field golden ripe.
The two cows followed me around to eat the fresh grass from the mower!
Keeping me company while I mowed in the beauty of sunset!
A little carried away...

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