Tuesday, October 11, 2016

"Faith working though LOVE." St Paul to the Galatians 5:6

A wonderful picture of LIFE!  Our 13 grandchildren on Labor Day weekend... we had just returned from sharing mass as a Family and the day that St Teresa of Calcutta was Canonized!  The Church brings us so much to lift us up and carry us through these most difficult times in our country and our world!
All but Hallel!  LOVE fills me to the brim!  St Paul tells us today that Faith is at work through our LOVE! 

There is so much negative and hateful and disheartening things every where you look these days!  I am sick to the pit of my soul with what a horrible mess we find ourselves in.  How can any good come out of this situation?   We are called to find it in our love for one another.  The hardest part is for us that LOVE all LIFE and to see it trampled so heartlessly.  Lord, why?  Lord, how can the knowledge that this is a baby held to no value?  We are called to be a beacon on the hill, the lamp set on the lampstand of being open to LIFE and respecting ALL LIFE from conception to natural death, by living it and sharing it and modeling it for the world lost in darkness and lies from Satan!
Complete and perfectly the way we are - united in prayer and LOVE and Faith through our Love!

I admire those that are tirelessly trying to remind others that abortion is taking of innocent life, and are on the front lines saving lives praying outside abortion clinics.  That is so important and each life saved will make a difference in this world!  Imagine the deep feelings for those that have been saved from abortion, or those that survived abortion attempts... they burn to share the gift they have been given and many of them go far and wide sharing their stories!  Much like John, who after he was healed by an army of prayer warriors, Our Lady of Lourdes, and his newfound Faith through brain cancer... burns to travel far and wide and share with any that will listen that life is a gift and we are to share our Faith through LOVE!
Little Sister Hallel is praying for us each day, and she has Eucharist each day and time in contemplation and Adoration of her spouse, Jesus Christ!  No wonder we find a place of closeness to her and peace knowing of each one of our needs being lifted up in such a powerful and humble way!

I see that rather than the hate filled graphic pictures of little ones ripped apart and thrown away in the garbage outside abortion clinics... that those quietly lovingly praying for those entering can have a life-changing effect and possibly save lives!  When we prayed all 20 decades of the rosary outside an abortion clinic a few years back in The Cities.  Those with the graphic signs seemed to cause and hardening of hearts rather than opening them to the Truth.  I must ponder this day at how I can make a difference by being loving and forgiving.
Our wonderful matriarch.. Pat's family is growing this year with 6 new little ones, and two weddings!   A big year for Family, and a year we have all pulled together to help Pat's mom, on hospice, stay in her home, and be lovingly cared for. 

A wonderful reminder of the value of experiencing the end of our lives fully!
Little Sisters of the Poor. Courtesy of the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty.
Another way that we can share Faith through our love!  My heart is near and dear to hospice!  I have loved working in it all these years and have truly seen how it can heal and minister to families with that time to say goodbye.
A lively bunch for sure!  I love to see all the living of life that these keepsakes show!
Grandma cannot take the place of mom!

Jesus, may we give and give and give some more the alms that will make us clean!  Yes, this means not only our wealth, but also ourselves - dying to self and allowing your Holy Spirit/LOVE/LIFE/LIGHT to come and dwell in us and share it with all no matter how they hurt us.  "Wounded, I will never cease to LOVE!"   How hard is that?  All we need do is look upon the spotless Lamb, who was sacrificed and suffered silently and brutally for our salvation!  We need to be lambs in our lives and show the world only your LOVE and forgiveness.  Jesus, we know that you are in control and we give this mess all over to you!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah

Longing for some time in Adoration today!  Prayer is what we cling to at this time, and prayer is a LOT!  It is life-changing, Life-giving and powerful and REAL!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Prayer is the answer, and LOVE is the work we are called to do!
Held in her tender loving arms we cry out in our distress and she answers our needs by taking them to her son, the spotless Lamb!
Another reminder from St James!
Pray without ceasing - we are not alone!
The Afters - Broken Hallelujah
Danielle Rose - Wonderfully made - Psalm 139
Danielle Rose - The saint that is just me

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