Saturday, October 15, 2016

Family time on the farm..."may the eyes of your hearts be enlightened." Ephesians 1

How I love to watch the new farm family!  Today started early with a family job of bringing the cows across the field and all were involved.  Just 6 months ago I was living there, and it was where our family grew and shared farmlife for 27 years!  Shortly after we moved there I was pregnant with John and now Ruth is expecting to have her little girl in March.  It will be her 6th, but so special that she will have a new baby there, too.  Sometimes I am overwhelmed by how much our lives mirror each other, and how much Ruth is living the life she grew up with.  There is so much that is right about the young family living there...
Lots of activity as we all get ready to help get the cows out of the back pasture... they have to cross the field, go through the cattle yard, through the pasture, and cross the road and then into the pasture and corn field.  It is wonderful to be in this new space - now their happy farm home!
Heading out to bring home the cows.
Off to bring the cows off the pasture.
Almost there!
Heading for home and a few weeks out on stalks across the road.
In the yard with a lot of helpers and sharing family work on the farm.  No one was left out... all were involved and shared in the excitement of a big job done on the farm.
Bringing them across the road.
Across the road...
John and Paul out baling corn stalks... on the other side of the fence the cows we just brought across the field, pasture and road to spend some time eating stalks til the snow flies.
Time out looking at the weaned calves.  Fair calves and bottle calves are spotted in the herd, and feed was shared...
with some of their moms on the other side.
time with the calves and a bunk full of feed.

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