Thursday, October 6, 2016

Harvest... How this word speaks volumes to me on my 65th year of life!

My birthday in 2003... The year Susan graduated HS the following May of 2004!  We were out at Camden, which happened a lot of birthdays over these last 38 years of living here.  I came across this and wanted to use it today as I had a wonderful half hour conversation with Susan/Hallel on the phone today!  I miss her so much, but am proud that I didn't cry, which always is a turn off for her.
Today with Ruth and Luke after we were blessed with mass at Holy Redeemer School!  It was a surprise text telling me that it was Mary's class doing the mass today, so after prayer with Pat and John and wonderful roses from Pat, I headed out the door to have mass on my birthday!
It feels like home after the 18 years that we had kids attending Catholic School, and now Ruth's!
Luke gave his 3 sibs big hugs as they left the chapel. 

A fun fall one with my dad and the kids about 25 years ago when they lived in Taylors Falls. 

 I am feeling nostalgic today... It has been a great birthday so far starting out with Prayer with both John and Pat, then off to mass at the Catholic School.  Mary was leading the singing.

I was loving the Gospel for today - ask, seek and knock... and you will receive, find, and the door will be opened to you.  So True!  I was also thinking about how harvest, which most birthdays since I have been married are trumped by harvest.  This year it happened to rain and rain is expected for today, so my husband is around a bit more, and even went shopping for a gift last night.... first time ever!  Thanks, Pat! 
Heading out to mass this morning...
But harvest is such a rich word used in the Bible often and in many parables the harvest is what the servants are sent to gather or the weeds are separated from the grain, or by their fruits you will know them... Harvest is what our whole farm life is geared towards and is the BIG JOB our whole farmlife is based around... So important... All important!  Feeding the world is a serious business, and so many prayers and long hours putting in the crop, caring for it and then bringing in the HARVEST!
A beautiful statue of Mary outside the school chapel.  Reminding me of the prayers we share throughout each day.  The Harvest is hugely prayed for each day on the farm for favorable weather, rain, sun, safety and good crops, and a fair price for our corn, beans and cattle!  It is big business!
The two cows eating windfall apples in front of our little red barn today.  Pat feeding the chickens for me.

The men and Ruth are combining and working on harvesting the beans now.  I am with the kids doing homework, and this has been a long process today.  I need to wrap it up...

Some wax paper leaves from years past... the days that we would have art projects on Saturday morning.

Jesus, we know that you are Lord of the Harvest.  We long to have safety and a good crop.  Thank you for all your blessings poured out upon the earth.  This year has been given plentiful rains and bountiful crops.  Thank you, Lord.  Bless-bless, Barb
Luke is tired of grandma's selfies!
The tabernacle/Jesus within us! 
When I told my newly 97 year old mother-in-law(October 2) that I was going to be 65 today..."Would you like to trade places with me?"  "Well, you are closer to heaven, and I think that is the best thing ever!"  "You never know." was her reply to me.  "Yes, I suppose I could die today... no one really knows.  Life is a mystery for sure."  Lord, I only long to be forever with you in heaven, and it is all in your hands.  I am asked to only love you and seek you and knock on the door without ceasing!

Farm family now taking over the farm!

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