Monday, October 24, 2016

"Live as children of the LIGHT." No more bondage!

Love this on so many levels!  Tugging at my heart strings on this day filled with thoughts of Maria and her little girl, soon to join us and some uncertainty as to just when that will be.  How I love to see the 5 together in a big loving embrace, and that look of contentment in John's eyes to be surrounded by his sisters!  "The big Catholic bubble" he shares whenever he gives his "story" of finding faith through brain cancer.
With all our apples - I have a small project of one pail going for fresh eating applesauce.  One of my favorite days were those big canning days with the kids.  Now I have Ruth and her kids to help me, but today I just wanted to do a small batch here at home on my own!
My cute companion while picking at Ruth's was Jenny their new pup, who ate some of the apples on the ground.
So many apples this year!
Jenny is a sweet puppy and nice company while I pick.
On the stove and smelling so nice on this cool fall day.

My day has slipped away with running over to help Pat at the bins. I was able to read the readings a few times - last night before bed and with John in the dark kitchen this morning before he headed off to work... grateful that he is better after coming down with one of his SMART syndromes in the tractor on Saturday night.  We have learned that this is not to be feared, yet it is scary and a reminder of the new John after fighting his brain cancer with so many chemos, radiation, stem cell transplant, prayer of thousands of prayer warriors, 2 trips to France and Lourdes, relic of St John Paul II and Venerable Solanus Casey, Anointing of the sick at least 4 times, and his family around him... all added up to CR - Complete Response/Christ Rules/Cancer gone for 7 years now!  This fall time of year is right when we discovered the cancer growing through the chemo and he went to whole brain radiation after a week of prayer! 
Sharing Jesus with my mother-in-law... We share Jesus in The Word and in The Body of Christ... how we pray for the will of the Lord to allow her to peacefully leave this world behind.  With 1 1/2 years on hospice and being so dependent on others... it is a humble hard path.  The Gospel today of the woman being released from bondage of 18 years not being able to stand up... Imagine how much she longed for this day and the relief she experienced at the healing hand of Jesus! 
Peaceful sharing of Jesus in Word and Sacrament is our Sunday time with her... We took her to mass with us and then when that could no longer happen we shared it in her home, and now at her bedside.  The Sacred heart of Jesus, the Immaculate heart of Mary and the rosebud rosary over her head.  Her environment shows how she lives as a child of the LIGHT!  St Paul reminds us today to "Live as children of the LIGHT."  So evident here!
It is so amazing that we have the example of Hallel and her Community of the Lamb in our lives and that of our family approaching 25 strong!  Their example of women that have left all behind to live as children of the light!  Embracing a life of prayer and representing Christ knocking on the door of the poor, and living a life of poverty, chastity and obedience... showing the lies of the world that tells us we need to be bound to stuff and power and prestige rather than to die to self and give our all to Jesus without counting the cost!  Showing the beauty of a life freed from bondage and living at children of the light!

A month late - working on the birthday card for Hallel - using the 31st Psalm for her 31st birthday!
"I will place myself in your care.  You will save me, Lord; you are a faithful God... my trust is in you, O Lord."

Jesus, may we stand up straight in your light and leave the bondage of being tied to things and power and money and pictures and all those things that come between us and you!  Thank you for the wonderful examples to us of those that live as children of light in our lives.  May we take to heart the Truth they have embraced.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Bless-bless, Barbara Luke

I vote for LIFE!

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