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Saint John Paul II the Great... you changed the world for the better - Pray for us!

There are many amazing pictures and quotes of this Saint this day as it is his feast day, but I had no doubt of the picture that I needed to start this sharing with... Ruth and Paul having their marriage blessed in November of 2003 just days after their wedding here in Marshall/Tracy on a winter stormy day.  Their trip up on treacherous roads was a challenge, but they got on the plane to Rome and with tickets to the general audience and Holy Father well enough to be there - Paul asked for "Please bless us with a happy healthy family."  They are all that and with #6 on the way in March... the blessings continue to pour down upon them!  If a picture is worth a thousand words and such a blessing to just gaze upon and find the strength and hope we need - this is certainly it!
St John Paul II was with us very prominently during John's battle against brain cancer.  We were given a relic and a prayer card which reminded us of a young girl with a brain tumor, who was healed by his laying on of hands.  We consider St John Paul definitely involved in the miracle of John's healing and finding Faith in our glorious Catholic Church!
I will let the pictures and quotes speak loudly of how blessed we are to have this great Saint in Heaven interceding for us, but I just wanted to share one more gem.  My husband, Pat, my Most Cherished Cross is a true champion for life and being open to life no matter the cost and raising those we are given in our families as LIGHTS!  From our first date and throughout he has strongly supported this, and now it has been adopted by our girls and their spouses.

Just 2 months after our marriage - Saint John Paul the Great became pope and we were aided in our fight to stand up for being open to life and raising lights by all his teachings and great Truths he shared for the cause of LIFE and Family as our domestic church where the Faith is shared with JOY!  How we loved him and he walked with us on this lonely path for 27 years!  His passing was such a profound loss, yet I went from praying with him to praying to him, and he continues to give me hope - knowing all that he lived through here on earth and providing us hope at this hard and difficult time for our country!

The image of him with Jesus in the monstrance is on my wall with so much love and devotion for both Saint John Paul the Great and Jesus!
Love is the answer... sacrificial love that dies to self and gives without counting the cost!

#SaintoftheDay Pope St. John Paul II (1920–2005) was born in Poland and was a vibrant, athletic, and intelligent child. His deeply religious father played an important role in his spiritual formation after his mother's death when he was 8 years old. He studied literature, poetry, and theater before his studies were interrupted by the Nazi invasion of Poland in 1939. He answered the call to the pri...esthood, and after entering a clandestine seminary was ordained in 1946. He completed his doctoral studies in Rome and returned to Poland where he ministered in a special way to young people. He was ordained a bishop in 1958 and attended the Second Vatican Council in 1962. He is well known for his leadership in encouraging a spiritual and cultural resistance to the Communist occupation of Poland. He was elected Supreme Pontiff in 1978, the first non-Italian pope in over 450 years, and had the second-longest pontificate in history. He was a remarkable theologian and philosopher and a guardian of orthodoxy. During his time as Holy Father he gave a multitude of important contributions to the Church including his teaching on Theology of the Body, his emphasis on the Universal Call to Holiness, and strong devotion to the Virgin Mary. He is also known as the "Pope of the Family." During his pontificate he beatified 1338 people and canonized 482 saints. He also visited 129 countries, making him one of the most well-traveled world leaders in history. He was canonized by Pope Francis in 2014. His #feastday is October 22nd. #MorningOffering See More

Pope of the Family!  Love for the Virgin Mary... enough said about how close I am to his heart for her and Jesus and His Bride, The Church!  His prayers from heaven are so important and powerful!
Saint John Paul II also brought to us the Divine Mercy devotion, and Canonized St Fautina, and therefore really started this year of Mercy!  "Jesus, we trust in you!"  I will also share that The Chaplet of Divine Mercy has done some healing within Pat's family.  His mother listens to the Chaplet and the Rosary of EWTN, and those that have left the Church have found this chaplet most inspiring and powerful - said on the rosary beads and speaking of the "sorrowful passion" and how it is changing our world of sin and darkness!
A most amazing slideshow of JPII with the quote he is so famous for - "Do not be afraid"

I could be taking off for Missouri soon... awaiting word and praying to Saint John Paul II to protect mother and child and bring granddaughter, Evangeline, here safe and sound!  It is in the Lord's hands and we all know the warrior for LIFE and Family that St John Paul the Great is!
Well, my dishwasher broke so this was the scene after a family supper last night celebrating the end of baling for the year!  Rose is such a good and willing worker, and to stand next to her Uncle John and share time was very special!  It makes you realize how the modern conveniences can truly rob of us close time with family.  We have more time to look at our phones or watch something mindless and maybe harmful on TV rather than spend time with each other.  John also commented on how soft and clean his hands felt afterwards!

The Gospel today is about the fig tree that bore no fruit - close to being cut down and burned!  Looking at the example of my wonderful champion for family and LIFE - Saint John Paul the Great and the fruit he gave to the world including the fall of Communism!  May we ask him to continue to work through us bearing Fruit for this world - of the Holy Spirit...  Listen to these wise words from St Paul to the Ephesians in the first reading today..
"And he gave some as Apostles, others as prophets,
others as evangelists, others as pastors and teachers,
to equip the holy ones for the work of ministry,
for building up the Body of Christ,
until we all attain to the unity of faith
and knowledge of the Son of God, to mature manhood
to the extent of the full stature of Christ,
so that we may no longer be infants,
tossed by waves and swept along by every wind of teaching
arising from human trickery,
from their cunning in the interests of deceitful scheming.
Rather, living the truth in love,
we should grow in every way into him who is the head, Christ,
from whom the whole Body,
joined and held together by every supporting ligament,
with the proper functioning of each part,
brings about the Body’s growth and builds itself up in love."

Ruth and Paul out sharing farm work - raking and baling - we are finished!!!  Close to 1,000 bales with hay and corn stalks, so it is a big deal when we are done!
Family supper to celebrate with carrot cake, ice cream and candles with milk in wine glasses!  Even matching place mats - that's what we call a celebration on the farm!
Love to feed this bunch!  They are amazing eaters and lovers of our good farm food!

Jesus, we are so blessed to have Saint John Paul II with us on this journey called Faith/Family/Farm!  He certainly gave us the strength to swim against the tide of those that have embraced the use of birth control to limit their families to the perfect 2 kids!  Valuing stuff over siblings and accepting the lie that we need to limit our family size due to over population.  Yes, it is a lonely road, but we had our champion showing us the way and giving us the strength we needed to place our family in God's hands and trust!  We now have 5 with us and 7 praying for us in heaven with 3 additional grandchildren there, too!  Our family has grown to 23 strong with 2 more on the way.  Life is the womb is prayed for and loved from the moment we know they are there according to your divine plan!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
I love this picture, which speaks of so much... shared family time, doing work with joy and willingness, FAMILY sharing Faith on the Farm!  LOVE it!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
It's that snuggly time of year...
Awaiting Evangeline with prayers and love and joy!  The girls will have to have some pictures in their matching shower gift!  So excited!
The Saint that is just me - Danielle Rose
Peter Mayer - Holy Now
So true!  The liberal press is a sure sign of this Truth!
We have so many apples - please come and get some if you would like some - call Ruth at 532-1019 or me at 530-6243.  Or just drive on out to 2229 County Road 67  - 3 miles South of Marshall!

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