Saturday, October 1, 2016

St Therese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Granddaughter, Therese, looking up to her patron Saint about 6 years ago.  She graces most Catholic Churches these days!  She is a most wonderful Saint, who works great works by doing small things with great love for those that look to her!
Therese on her feast day 4 years ago in El Paso while we waited for the arrival of her brother, Patrick.
She has always loved her baby doll, Anna, and soon will be blessed with her first baby sister!

Sweet Therese is organizing a baby shower for her new sister.  Why would she do that when this is her 4th siblings/#5 in the family?  Because she is having her first baby sister after 3 brothers!   I had so much fun making cards and getting gifts for her little sister to be, Evangeline Mary!  I had a picture in mind of the 3 girls, so that is always part of my gifts! 
Today is a most wonderful feastday in our Church!  St Therese!  We have a granddaughter by that name making it very special indeed, but it goes much deeper than that for me and for my daughter, Maria, who is Therese's mom.  Maria's love for St Therese shows in her naming her first child that name.   Reading Story of a Soul as she flew to Rome to study for a year, and then led into a discernment of being a cloistered nun.  At first she thought that there was no such a thing anymore of sisters that lived behind the enclosure and left the world behind.  But she discovered through her spiritual director that there was one just about 3 hours away from our home in Sauk Rapids, MN were a group of Poor Clare nuns!
She entered the next January 1st the feast of the Solemnity of Mary, and discerned for 7 months whether she would be a nun or not.  The Lord said "no."  She now is due to have her 5th child on October 25th - her second daughter, and reason for great celebration by her big sister, Therese!  I have been reminded that due to my own personal "call" to consider religious life that Maria very much discerned and I now have my little Sister Hallel!  I am sure, likewise, Maria's children will have that as a strong option and beautiful option from which to ask the Lord to show them His Path for them!
Love this so much!  I love that each married daughter has their arms full with their 3 babies for that year - soon they all will be 4 years old!  I love the tabernacle in the midst of them... Jesus!  I love Hallel there in her habit, and by her brother, John, who adores her and they support each other in prayer!  I know that Hallel does that for all of us, and it was so good for her to know now that prayers are needed for Ruth's new little one in the womb!  I am sure that there is much celebrating in The Community of the Lamb this most glorious day!

St Therese gazes from the back up towards the altar in their Chapel/Lumen Christi/LIGHT of Christ/the LIGHTHOUSE on the hill in the heart of our country in Kansas City!
Supper with Pat in the truck... seed beans go into these long bags.  Trouble with the combine, so...
Half the time on the phone... a familiar pose to me. 

Dear Lord, thank you for this most glorious feast day today.  The day we are reminded of how we are called to embrace the simple fact that we are loved by you and are forgiven unconditionally and therefore we are to return that love to others no matter how much it hurts or how little it is returned to us.  "I give you praise, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, for although you have hidden things from the wise and the learned you have revealed them to the childlike."  Luke 10 the Gospel today!
May we each die to self so that you may live and work within us.  How I wish to leave behind all the distractions that come with striving for stuff, power, glory...  I want to be humble Lord!  Jesus, I trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Therese on her first Communion.  She really concentrates on Jesus when she receives, and has already talked about when she is a Sister someday.  I know, without a doubt, it will be a part of her discernment of the Lord's will for her life.  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
This is what we should live by!
Roses have thorns, and are a lesson of the cross for us... it has become the Tree of LIFE, yet it comes with our suffering and carrying/dragging our Cross after Jesus!
Love October- my birthday month!
So much beauty today thanks to this amazing Saint!

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