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The beauty of hospice..."The Lord is holy in all his works." Psalm 145 - a Hallel Psalm!

It is good to start this day with an oldie of the entire family we were blessed with!  This was on Nancy's first communion in around 1990.  I still had hopes of having another child and I lost 3 after John... two boys that I carried to 5 months and are buried at the cemetery.  I prayed and hoped for another child to show the world that I did not quit after having my son after 4 girls, but it was not to be here with us... rather in heaven praying for us.
Pat and I back at the beginning of our family - Christmas 1982.  It is so fun to see how much Ruth looks like her daughter, Rose Ida, and Nancy's eyes and round face in her kids too! 

When my kids tell me that this blog is my therapy... Yes, I admit that it is true.  When I have something burning and no other outlet... I can pour it out here knowing that there are rare members of either of our family that take the time to read it, too, gives me a chance to let it out with some reservations.  I was thinking about hospice this morning and after all my years working in this field and then on to nursing home after my year off fighting John's brain cancer.  Nursing home is also a true form of hospice work as you are caring for many residents at the end of their lives.  Now for the last year and a half I have helped out with Pat's wonderful mother on hospice with a heart that is old and tired and giving out slowly. 
A picture I took back in my early Catholic days at our acreage outside the Cities - "the farm."  How ironic that now I am a true dweller on A Farm and this was a glorified vegetable garden with a wonderful barn and house with no running water!  This pump was used for our water, and we heated it on the stove for washing with! 

The sunset of our lives is truly a vision I have for hospice!  I won a photo contest in hospice with Ruth and John walking into the sunset on Lake Michigan and wrote about how hospice allows families and their loved ones to walk into the sunset of their lives with peace and contentment at meeting all their needs and dealing with each problem as it comes up!

Halloween of the witches... as I recall Susan was a black cat - I dyed a sleeper black and put cat ears on her.  She must have been in her car seat asleep as she would have only been a month old here.

I was so thrilled to see an Hallel Psalm used in mass today - Psalm 145! 
Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 145:10-11, 12-13AB, 13CD-14
R. (13c) The Lord is faithful in all his words.
Let all your works give you thanks, O LORD,
and let your faithful ones bless you.
Let them discourse of the glory of your Kingdom
and speak of your might.
R. The Lord is faithful in all his words.
Making known to men your might
and the glorious splendor of your Kingdom.
Your Kingdom is a Kingdom for all ages,
and your dominion endures through all generations.
R. The Lord is faithful in all his words.
The LORD is faithful in all his words
and holy in all his works.
The LORD lifts up all who are falling
and raises up all who are bowed down.
R. The Lord is faithful in all his words.
This speaks to me about my hospice love!  Yes, I have been asked over and over how I can work with those that are dying.  I love it because it takes all the superficial out of the picture!  You are down to your Faith and your Family when you are looking death in the eye... all those material and superficial goals and accomplishments fade to the nothing they always were!  We are keeping our hearts, minds and souls on The Kingdom of God/ Heaven forever with Jesus and Mary!  The Lord is truly HOLY in all his works and there is so much fulfillment and joy in helping those facing death to pass through to heaven through a peaceful death!
A true blast from the past - me and my sister, Marty, who is just 14 months younger than me.  My mom also liked to dress her kids alike and we had the years of black velvet we passed down and I being the oldest would get the new model!  Yes, we had brown hair and brown eyes and blond hair and blue eyes among the kids.
My award winning hospice contest winner of walking into the sunset of our lives helped with Hospice at your side.  I have heard over and over from my sister-in-law, RaTerra, how much support and help she has gotten from hospice on this up and down journey with her mother.

It seems that Pat's mom has taken a few steps back again, and we have witnessed a dance here where she takes two steps back and one forward and so is losing more and more of her strength and just slowly fading out of this world.  Sleep has become her friend, and she often says that she is so grateful for her peaceful and deep sleep.
  Before John our summer version of dressing alike for my sister's wedding.

Knowing what I do with all my years of hospice... has aided me in my time now with my mother-in-law.  I do sense how strongly she loves and adores each one of her kids and loves to spend time with them. I see that with her more time sleeping that this involves just holding her hand and being there by her.  I also know of the huge importance of our prayers for her!  This was ever so important in John's near death experience as he fought brain cancer/lymphoma, and our grandson, Patrick's being born dead and brought back to life!
An amazing card we were gifted with by The Community of the Lamb early in John's battle - Susan was a postulant and we were so lifted up and lowered into the presence of Jesus to be healed by their prayers and those of our hundreds of prayer warriors! 

Today in the Gospel Jesus reminds us that we are to be last in how we love and serve others - be humble and not place ourselves first but serve those given to us without counting the cost!  "Some are last will be first, and some are first who will be last."  When we look to Jesus and The Church to guide and direct us on our path/the narrow gate... we than will "bring our children up with the training and instruction of the Lord."  Ephesians 6/the first reading from mass today.  It is true that if we raise children that are humble and servants and loving and open to life and raising lights by selflessly giving of themselves - this is true witness to the world of LIGHT in the midst of the culture of death and darkness!
A picture taken by Little Sister Marianna, and I love the sharing the Journey - we have been truly blessed by Hallel's family joining us in our needs and prayers in their daily mass and adoration and contemplative prayer!  We also call the Poor Clares and ask for their powerful prayers with the hard things we face and come with life and death.  One thing I have always said about my work with hospice is that death is merely a part of life, and to help someone come to their end peacefully is a gift!

Jesus, Our earthly journey is very short in the span of eternity spent with you in heaven.  How we long for this and strive each day to die more and more to our selfishness so that we may love and serve without counting the cost.  The false lies of Satan luring us away and making us value meaningless and valueless things and goals and ambitions... may we leave those behind and look forward to our time with YOU!  We are forever blessed to have The Church there to help us get to heaven!  May we take to heart all that The Church gives to us to follow and embrace.  May we take up our Most Cherished Cross and always follow after you through the narrow gate and down the narrow path.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and hallelujah
At the beginning - on our honeymoon...  So filled with love and hope and excitement for our future ahead.  The Lord has not disappointed, just surprise by his own plan for us. "Jesus is in control  in the storms of life."  Little Sister Hallel when we called France to tell her about John's brain cancer.  "Jesus, we trust in you."  Bishop LeVoir wrote to us on caring bridge just about this time 7 years ago when we faced whole brain radiation... Now the new John remains with us sharing his LIGHT/Faith found through brain cancer!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
St Barbara is big in El Paso!  She also stands above the square in St Peters with the Saints!
Mom Verly a few years back at mass - we would pick her up each Sunday and share mass with her after her hip replacement.  Now we share Eucharist/Jesus with her each Sunday in her home!  Such a wonderful blessing to share this with her still!  The Best!
We gain so much through the example of The Lamb - the Motto of The Community of the Lamb - Hallel's order:
"Wounded, I will not cease to love!"  So hard, yet so true in our serving with JOY and without counting the cost!
How can any be afraid of this amazing True prayer and help from our Spiritual Mother? 
Danielle Rose - The Saint that is just me
Danielle Rose - Small things  with great love
Danielle Rose - A Mother's Song - the Crucifixion
She writes her music in front of the Blessed Sacrament and has written a song for every decade/mystery of the rosary!  So amazing!
Love this and it is so powerful each day!

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