Monday, October 3, 2016

"The one who treated him with Mercy." Luke 10:37 Pondering The Gospel of Christ!

Back from helping with picking up bales yesterday to find David with a cat snuggling in his shirt.  In short order they were both napping.  The cat did crawl out onto the arm of the chair for their naps.  Such beautiful weather for harvest we have been blessed with!  Thank you, Lord!

Such powerful readings today, and the gift of reading them before bed last night and again this morning with John before he headed out for work.  The Good Samaritan is always wonderful to read and ponder!   Of course, with this being the Year of Mercy in The Church... the words from the scholar at the end answering the question of Jesus as to who the neighbor was to the man robbed and beaten within an inch of his life...  "The one who treated him with mercy."  So much food for thought here in how we live our lives, and we are reminded over and over that the poor and downtrodden are not only those we see on the street, but also those in our own homes!  Giving our love even when we have been wounded or hurt by those the closest to us..."Wounded, I will not cease to love."
David riding along in the combine behind their farm with Uncle Ed.

Just finished Eucharist with Pat's mom and read the readings for the 3rd time.  Shared with her about how an experience I had during my week at the Little Monastery reminds me over and over about how approaching someone with fear and then putting a locked door between us really reminded me of how the Little Sisters see that hurting "scary" person as Christ and offer him friendship, care for his needs and treat him with love and respect!  I see this fear entering into the priest and Levite crossing over on the other side, too.
Sharing Jesus with mom the day after her 97th birthday.  We prayed for the harvest and for our families and all the new life, most especially little Anne born today to granddaughter, Shannon! 
I looked like a gutter bum myself as I roamed around town looking for leaves in the street and by the curbs.  I found one beautiful tree not far from mom's house.  They will be pretty for a while, and then I will take them home and watch them turn brown.  Ruth is coming by tonight for birthday supper out on the porch with grandma.  Another glorious fall day!
A big day of harvest in such beautiful weather yesterday.  Ruth was driving the grain cart, so we went out for a visit, and...
some pictures, of course.
Unloading on the fly is quite a sight and Ruth had to learn a new job.

This has been a long work in progress today... most of my rosary got said in my chapel on wheels as I had to go for a part about an hour away.  then running here and there and now at mom's for the afternoon and evening.  I need to call it a wrap, but found that my thoughts were pondering deeply the words of not only Christ in the Gospel, but also the powerful real words of St Paul to us in the first reading from Galatians.  Oh, how I love St Paul!  There are some, who have drifted into other Gospels other than the ones we are taught by The Church, and I feel concerned for them and long for them to return to The Truth!  What does a person do?  Do you confront them with the words of St Paul today, or do you PRAY without ceasing that they leave behind the falsehood and return to the Gospel, which is not of human origin!  Lord, I long to do your will.  What good does confronting do but push them further away and close the door?
I was on the 4 wheeler with 4 kids getting this shot...

Lord, I am yours and long to serve you now and forever.  How do we find the right path and not be misled by false Gospels and lies and deceit leading us away from you?  We look to your True Church and your Word and the dogmas laid out for us by all those who are through your Church helping us to get to heaven forever with Jesus, Mary, all the amazing Saints, and Angels.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
The last of the hay bales - about 500 this year, and now the next baling job will be 300+ corn stalk bales!  That baler has had a workout!
Pat surprised me by telling me that these are "all our beans."  These are seed beans that we grew, and today they started on bag #3!  Pretty impressive to see this!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Riding in the truck on a glorious fall day with my farmer husband is a special time in the midst of the craziness of harvest.
She is so wise yet so small and humble!

A special picture taken by husband, Paul. with these words;
"Yes folks, she can do it all! Thanks Ruth for running grain cart today. Not only is she handy, she's pretty easy on the eyes! Love you and thanks for being awesome! "— with Ruth Lanoue.

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