Sunday, October 23, 2016

"The prayer of the lowly pierces the clouds..." " O God, be merciful to me a sinner."

Halloween 30 years ago... our first stop was at Pat's moms, and our corn leaf skirts left a big mess behind.   It was a good thought anyways...

Yes, an oldie with Maria missing - she could have been sick with the chicken pox as we are in the chicken house with the baby chicks on Johnies lap.  The girls are wearing the robes I made for them in a sweatshirt style.  I still have mine and use it!  I call it my big fuzzy, and once the weather gets cold I am known to appear in it - at home only!

Lots of emotions today after sharing mass sitting just behind Ruth and Paul and their kids.  It is always a special time to spend a joyful time with them sharing Jesus in Word and Sacrament.  Both Simon and Mary receive Jesus in the Eucharist and both of our David grandsons, are being prepared for their first reconciliation and Eucharist this year!  At the Our Father, Pat and I each had the hand of our almost 3 year old grandson, Luke... It was a sweet reminder to me of the message we have been given to share with the world - Being open to LIFE and raising LIGHTS is what we are called to do to change our culture of death into a culture of LIFE!
With Halloween just a week away... this seemed to be appropriate for today.  It is a good thing I took this just as soon as they were all dressed and before we got into the car to start our Halloween visits... I think you can imagine the mess we made everywhere we went!

One thing that struck me in one of the songs we sang today at mass - "through our death and our rising."  It seems that I get focused on dying to self so that Christ may live in me, but I need to also remember that I don't stay down - I rise again with Christ my strength and go forward with renewed life and energy to deal with the ups and downs of life!  Yes, I am poor and lowly and sinful and weak and there is that constant battle going on in my life with my sinfulness and selfishness and indulgences and falling back into those bad habits.  I do burn to do better, and leave that sinful self behind and truly die to self!  I am sure that my prayer pierces the clouds of self doubt and backsliding and being down on myself to remind me that I have been shown Mercy and unconditional LOVE and Forgiveness, and I am called to return that to all those in domestic Church/family and all others that I come in contact with.  Christ in those around me!

The year of the Wizard of Oz for Ruth's bunch!
Ruth had a pumpkin over her pregnant belly!
He arrived the next day!  Now Luke will be 3 on November 1st, and will be a big brother to a new little sister in March!  She will be an Easter girl!  I was imagining that sweet little pink bundle joining this sweet bunch.  It was super fun this morning as we heard them getting out of their car and running up the sidewalk for mass.  A happy excited family coming to share their Faith with JOY at mass!

Well, I am a bit here and there today, but I am so grateful to the Lord and very much praying and thinking about my grandchildren in the womb.  Maria is due any day, and many thoughts and prayers going her direction for the safety and safe arrival of new little granddaughter, Evangeline!
John and I on Halloween in Kindergarten... 22 years ago.

Jesus, may I recall that I can do all things through you, who strengthens me!  May I not become discouraged by my back slides, but humbly pray and work and play and love and serve without counting the cost.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Life is a gift from conception to natural death!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke


So special!

Never enough St JPII!
My mentor on loving The Rosary and so much more!
We have him to thank for WYD!
John out ripping, and a reminder of his battle against brain cancer.  He got some numbness on his right side and speech involved.  Recuperating today... grateful knowing that we need not worry.  Yet, we also are reminded that he is the new John - finding Faith through brain cancer!
John and I will be bringing Communion to Pat's mom - her time on hospice has allowed us to serve her after all she has done for us over the years.  Time we will always cherish.

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