Friday, October 7, 2016

"The rosary means so much to our whole family because of you, mom."

Future blogger little Rose sat next to me yesterday with her keyboard and typed with me.  She found the 4 letters of her name and she typed them for me... ROSE.  I totally expect her to share her light in words someday as all 3 of my daughters have blogs and touch lives through them.  My girls call my blog my therapy and I find each morning filled with so much that I want to pour out.  There is rarely a dry day or day that something in the Saint, Feast, Farm, Gospel/the Word, Family, our story, Mary The Mother of God, Prayer, the Beauty and Truth of the True Church, The messages I have been given to share, the LIGHTS in my life most especially those in my domestic Church/family of my husband, children, their spouses and children, my parents who are still with me, Pat's mom... so much that inspires me and fires me up and brings me to tears of JOY and stirs to flame my spirit, soul, and mind, and brings the words and thoughts flowing forth...!
At Ruth's before the rain on my birthday with the kids as they did homework, Rose colored next to me and then started to blog, Mary practiced her clarinet and played with David.  It is wonderful to see the farm family home they have now on the farm!

What was it today that filled the prayer I shared with John with good tears and much prayer thanksgiving?  Today is the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary!  What started the river of tears?  These words of my all time hero, St John Paul II;
It should be said that each mystery of the rosary, carefully meditated, sheds light on the mystery of man. "Cast your burden on the Lord and he will sustain you" (Ps 55:23).  To pray the rosary is to hand over our burdens to the merciful hearts of Christ and his Mother.  The rosary does indeed 'mark the rhythm of human life,' bringing it into harmony with the 'rhythm' of God's own life, in the joyful communion of the Holy Trinity, our life's destiny and deepest longing.  Through the rosary the faithful receive abundant grace, as though from the very hands of the Mother of the Redeemer.
My statue from John of Our Lady of Medjugorje with her hand missing.. the rosary blessed by Pope Francis and with St Teresa of Calcutta from my cousin when she was in Rome, and the roses and leaves from my wonderful husband for my 65th birthday yesterday with our little red barn in the rising sun this morning for this most special to my heart feast day- Our Lady of the Rosary!

As I wept through morning prayer with John... he enthused about how important the rosary is to our family and the lifeline and instrument of the healing prayers for him during his battle with brain cancer, Patrick whose day of birth 4 years ago in 2 days saw him brought back to life from being born dead, "all of us feel that the rosary is hugely important to us, mom, knowing of your prayers for us each day!"  Yes, I pray the 5 decades each day for my 5 kids, then I added one for Pat, The Crucifixion, because we are called to die to self/ put our selfishness on the Most Cherished Cross when we enter the Sacrament of Marriage!  I have also added The Baptism of the Lord decade for our 5 Godchildren each day, The Carrying the Cross for my family needs, and The Holy Family/birth of Christ/The Nativity for Pat's family and all families needs, and finally The 3rd Luminous, The Proclamation of The Kingdom for my most beloved Church, which I love, love, love without reservation and long to see it thrive and grow!
My outside statue of Mary with her child, Jesus, this morning in the bright sunrise!  She too has broken fingers on her hand... I love the connection between Mother and Son by the beads of my blessed Rosary.  I so feel this to be true as I pray with the intercession and loving help of the Queen Mother with my Savior!  John expounded lovingly today about how she was without sin, to bear God to the world!  How we love her and we were to uplifted to share prayer before he left for work this morning!  It is so wonderful to share each special day of celebration in The Church and hold that close in our hearts through the entire day.  For me it starts the night before with following what I have learned from Hallel's Community of the Lamb.  What JOY fills me when I read about the special Feast for the next day and read the readings, with great anticipation and excitement, for the next day!
Love the beautiful sun outlining the fall landscape and the golden leaves framing... Family Time is the BEST on our little red barn aglow with sunlight!

Reading the Gospel with John before he headed out for work... Luke 11 about casting out demons and cleaning up our lives through our LOVE for Christ and with the intercession of his Mother... swept clean and put in order... but we need to fill ourselves with constant prayer and reading of The Word and The Saints, and the Rosary beads in our fingers leading us into deep heartfelt prayer and meditation on the life, suffering/death, and rising of Christ and how it has filled that soul with The Holy Spirit... there to do battle with the evil that tries to confuse and mislead and lie to us and bring us to a worse state than we were before!  The Holy Spirit kept strong through our daily exercises of partaking of the Sacraments of Eucharist, Reconciliation, Anointing, Matrimony, Holy Orders, Confirmation/The Holy Spirit, Baptism/washed clean and brought into the Family of The Church!  This is how we keep the Devil away! 
Image result for 7 sacraments of the catholic church
We have so much to keep us on the narrow path carrying/dragging our Most Cherished Cross!
Without flash...

From Morning prayer in The Magnificat this morning...Mary, Mother of The Church, prays with us and for us.  Through her example and intercession, we learn the lesson of faithful prayer, just as through our meditation on the mysteries of the rosary, we learn the lesson of faithful life taught by Mary and by her Son Jesus.
This was followed by the 86th Psalm
"I will praise you, Lord my God, with all my heart
and glorify your name for ever;
for your love to me has been great:
you have saved me from the depths of the grave."
Speaking about the "miracles" we have experienced, John gives praying without ceasing to Jesus through Mary in the rosary so much of the glory and honor!
The story you will have to share sweet zesty Zita/Rose Ida! 

Lord with your Queen Mother in Heaven with you filling my days with so much heart/mind/soul/spirit filled with PRAYER as the Rosary beads pass through my fingers! My life-line and my joy and my strength and my hope, and my happiness/small slice of heaven here on earth, I am filled with wonder and awe at the graces, healings, tugs at my spirit, LIGHT/LOVE/LIFE, closer walk with Your Son, Jesus Christ!  I am overwhelmed by all that comes to me through this prayer as I walk this journey of LIFE here filled with Faith/Family/Farm!  May I become less so that Jesus will be more and more in all that I do and say and work and play and ups and downs and hurts... May I live the motto of The Community of The Lamb - "Wounded, I will not cease to LOVE."   Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Having our tomato soup in the refectory at Lumen Christi/LIGHT of Christ Little Monastery in KC - yesterday the Little Sisters arrived back home!  Today I plan to have tomato soup on this chilly farm day!  Another inch of rain yesterday!  A year like my husband has never seen in all his years of farming!  Thank you. Lord!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
The LIGHTHOUSE in the hill... filled with the message of The Spotless Lamb, who sacrificed for our salvation!  "Wounded, I will never cease to LOVE!"
A chance to embrace the contemplative inner self!
Tomato soup, chicken chores, some house cleaning, and rosary time... When I spend time with Pat's mom she often asks me if I took a nap while she was napping... I tell her that I was praying my rosary and many times I manage to find myself half an hour later still on the same bead....  We have shared rosaries over her last almost 2 years on hospice.  When we surprised her family by coming to a wedding 4 hours away... Pat, mom and I shared a rosary going there and another one coming back home in the middle of the night!  Very precious time shared in prayer!
The miraculous result of our two rosaries and traveling totally spur of the moment.  A grinning mother surrounded by all her 9 living children!  A miracle indeed!!!!



Try it... You'll love it!

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