Wednesday, October 5, 2016

"Thy will be done... Forgive us our trespasses" Luke11

I am so filled with JOY as I look upon this gift of a portrait of my entire family, even though that will change on October 25th with the arrival of grandchild #14.  I added with delight my nun daughter, Little Sister Hallel, so that I can see what is true in our hearts, minds and souls that we are always and forever united in our shared Faith and Prayer!  The cherished Lourdes candle was lit and the water out and poured on John as he headed off for his first "talk" since last spring.  "It was the best one yet, and it felt so good to be doing the one thing I burn to do... what I am called to do!"  was John's enthusiastic response as he walked in the door and driving through the rain for an hour and a half didn't even damper his spirits!
So much of John's peace and joy surrounded him thanks to his family all being around him, even Hallel came home from France to be with him!  Then add the hundreds of prayer warriors that lifted him up daily and hourly and continue to this day... we ran into some wonderful friends at mass a couple months ago and they shared that they pray a "Hail Mary" after every meal prayer for John for the last 7 years!   That is 153 rosaries said for John's healing and path since he was cancer free!  We have now adopted this practice for all those fighting cancer that we know of! 

"They loved when I shared about my sisters, and how I had 5 mothers growing up, and now the best Mother of all, Our Lady of Lourdes has become so beloved to me!"  shared John.  He certainly lights up and his love pours out in his face, actions and words when it comes to the girls and Our Lady!
A cancer free John returned to Lourdes after we had been there in the midst of his battle in August of 2009... He was smitten with her and so it continues to this day!  I have no jealousy towards her taking my son's love and motherly devotion, as a matter of fact, we are closer due to this shared love we have for Mary the Mother of God!  Lighting the Lourdes candle before he left to speak yesterday and using the Lourdes water and asking her intercession brought us to this place of sharing what John has been given.  In this year of Mercy we are reminded that we are to return to others the LOVE, healing, Faith and Mercy we have been shown.  This has become John's ministry!  Giving it back and he is known to pray anywhere the need arises.  Last night he ended with taking their intentions and praying aloud with them, just as he was lifted up and brought to a peaceful place of finding Faith through brain cancer by the many prayers that surrounded him.  One powerful week was filled with those praying each hour/ day and night... 168 people praying for him!  Just when the cancer was roaring back and he was told that he would need to do whole brain radiation... he came through it to CR - Complete Response/Christ Rules!
A sappy love sick grin for Our Lady, with love pouring forth from his sparkling eyes!
Walking with the help of his two sisters in Lourdes the first time we went after Hallel had taken her habit and left Susan behind to become Little Sister Hallel!  This speaks of the Cross John embraced through brain cancer and became the new John, and through it all he found LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT/Jesus and his Bride, The Church!
Just out of the baths with Father Craig!  "I told them to pour water over my head, because that is where I need the healing!"  Father also said mass for us in the magnificent Church there in Lourdes, and got John to confession!  "Mom, what did you think of Lourdes?  I though it was very good!" 
Pat's mother looking upon her newest great-grandchild, and her namesake, sweet Anne! 

Today is the feast day of St Faustina, who brought us the chaplet of Divine Mercy.  Pat's non Catholic siblings have found this new prayer quite interesting as it is said on the rosary beads and asks for forgiveness and Mercy through His Sorrowful Passion!  It has been a bit of a bridge with some of the divisions.  Today in the Gospel Jesus also teaches us the Our Father, and with the Chaplet and St Faustina in mind that words of "forgive us our trespasses" certainly ring loudly!
The words of St Faustina
O Lord, goodness beyond our understanding, who are acquainted with our misery through and through, and know that by our own power we cannot ascend to you, we implore you: anticipate us with your grace and keep on increasing your mercy in us, that we may faithfully do your holy will through our life and at death's hour.
Singing "happy birthday" and "God is blessing you now."

Lord, how we long to return the LOVE and Mercy we have been shown unconditionally by you towards us in our weak and sinful state.  How we long to do better this day in loving and forgiving those closest to us in our domestic church/family.  May we serve without counting the cost!  May we always embrace "the Truth of the Gospel" in how we live and move and when necessary use words!  St Paul reminds us in Galatians today that we are also to "be mindful of the poor."  Yes, that means those that are materially poor, but there is a huge epidemic of those that are spiritually poor and lied to by Satan and misled down the wide path leading to destruction.  May living our lives according to your Way, Truth and LIFE inspire those around us with the LIGHT they need to see The Truth!
Jesus, we love you and trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
 An inch of rain overnight so harvest is on hold for a day or so.  My husband is loving all the rain this year!  Thank you, Lord, and continue to watch over the crazy farmers at harvest time.  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke

#SaintoftheDay St. Maria Faustina Kowalska (1905-1938), baptized with the name Helena, was one of ten children born to a devout, peasant farming family in Poland. She grew up during the tough years leading up to and following the first World War, and received little formal education. She worked as a poor housekeeper before following her religious vocation at the age of 20, entering the Congregatio...n of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy in Krakow. There she was given simple, humble jobs which hid her deep interior life. St. Faustina was graced with mystical visions and revelations from Jesus, as well as her Guardian Angel and certain saints. Jesus gave her the mission to proclaim his infinite, powerful, loving mercy to the whole world, especially to hardened sinners and those facing the hour of their death. St. Faustina, as Jesus' "secretary and apostle of Divine Mercy", faithfully recorded these messages in great detail in a nearly 700-page diary. In it she promoted devotion to the Divine Mercy of Jesus Christ as instructed by Our Lord himself, now famous throughout the Church, and a great consolation for many souls who would otherwise fear to approach God because of their burden of sin. She died at the age of 33 from tuberculosis. Pope St. John Paul II made St. Faustina the first saint of the new millennium. Her #feastday is October 5th. #MorningOffering See More
So much prayer needed and evangelization!
A Saint in heaven that understands Mercy and will intercede with all her heart!
He was a very cool priest, who ministered to both sides during the Civil war!
It was so special for John to give his talk on the Feastday of St Francis!  He mentioned him in this talk and even shared a story of ending up in a pasture in Italy on their way to Assisi as the train went on strike.  A rare and special time to reflect he would not have had otherwise.  "St Francis helped me to find some humility that day."

Open the eyes of my heart/Mercy me

Danielle Rose - If I touch him
 “You wanted to stay with us, 
and so you left us
yourself in the Sacrament of the Altar,
and you opened wide your mercy to us.

You opened an inexhaustible spring of mercy for us,
giving us your dearest possession,
the Blood and Water,
that gushed forth from Your Heart” (Diary 1747).

St Maria Faustina
Poland  ~ 1905-1938 
Nun, mystic, visionary
Known as the Apostle of Divine Mercy
FEAST DAY – October 5

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