Sunday, October 16, 2016

Together in our Faith/The Chuch/The Eucharist!

Labor Day weekend in KC - all but Hallel sharing mass on the day that St Teresa of Calcutta was Canonized!
Sharing mass as a family in Kansas City on Labor Day weekend... from me, the oldest at now 65 down to little 3 month old Josephine... all 22 of us sharing mass and most importantly Jesus in His Word and His Body and Blood!  Our Little Sister Hallel was in Rome, and continues to live there this year, and it has been a year and a half since we have gotten a real hug, but each time I at mass I know that we are united in The Eucharist!
When I have a new family picture I am always very excited to add Susan/Hallel to them so that I can see the reality of how we are together in our souls and spirits!  We know of her prayers for us, and she reminds us that we are united in the Eucharist and The Word/Christ present in our world - so real and so powerful!
You are in our heart, Hallel!  We love you!

There are many things that are bringing waves of missing Hallel and longing to see her again.  I got a wonderful half hour phone call from her on my birthday!  On the way home from Swim team last week Mary and I had a fun conversation about her T-shirt quilt that she made before she left for college, and took everywhere with her.  "The day she left for France it was laying on her bed along with her purse, keys to her car, and all her possessions."  "Couldn't she take anything that was hers?"  "Only some white and blue polos, skirts, underwear and blue socks.  You leave it all behind, and that was hard to see, but is a way of leaving all for Christ."
It certainly looks like fall to see the cows out on the corn stalks!  We just finished up about 300 corn stalk bales and many more to go.

Just finishing up feeding a bunch Sunday dinner and all my writing juices are slowed down.  I do know that all my families in Missouri, Kansas, Hallel in Rome and Ruth and Paul usually just a row away from us... today the two youngest stopped to spend some time on grandpa's lap after taking up their offering envelopes - in other words we are all sharing the same mass and Jesus in His Body and Blood and Word as a family united in our Faith!  We are truly united in the way that it matters the most... in Jesus Christ and His Bride, The Church!
Pat getting Jesus for his mother, and we share that with her every week in her home as she is now homebound by her end of life/hospice.  This is the biggest blessing we are given these days to share our Faith/Jesus with her! 

Jesus, how I love to have this Holy Day set aside each week for our Faith and our Family to share the most important part of our lives - our love for God and neighbor.  WE long to be forever with you in heaven and it is such a gift to have this foretaste of this small window to heaven... when Heaven comes down to earth and all the angels and Saints sing with our voices - "Holy, holy , holy..."  We are filled with joy and peace and love and all the fruits of the Holy Spirit as we carry you forth into our domestic Church/family.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Sharing the farm with our wonderful oldest daughter, husband and 5 going on 6 kids...  We are so happy with the bright and happy future for our farm as we share our love for Faith/Family/Farm as we embrace our Most Cherished Cross and find LOVE/LIFE/LIGHT!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Snuggles on the couch - it is starting to look like fall with cat and kids snuggling in the sun.
Youth and activity is what we love to see again on the farm!  The cows and calves are liking it too!
If the gate is locked - climb over it.  Ruth ready to count the cattle when they go by to the pasture.  She is feeling the baby move already!  Similar to Rose - this little girl likes to bounce around inside of her mom!  I loved the feeling of life moving in my womb!  The best and so reassuring after losing 7 babies during my years of fertility!
If my family has any say in it, and we certainly do!  Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He will find Faith!
St Francis is right on!
I had a wonderful conversation with  a dear friend after mass, who has a very ill daughter she is caring for.  We shed tears and delight in the power of prayer and having Our Spiritual Mother always with us!  John was just gushing about how he is so blessed to have two mothers, and that Mary is the best one of all!  I am not in the least bit jealous, and I totally agree!  She is the best one of all and how I feel sad for those who do not recognize how wonderful it is to share our journey with her love, care and intercession as we pray and pray and pray some more - without ceasing!

Danielle Rose explaining how we are together in the Eucharist before she entered for 2 years
Danielle Rose - See you in the Eucharist

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