Sunday, November 6, 2016

5 days old... just out of NICU... 32nd Sunday of Ordinary time is anything but!

I am in amazement at how the Lord works!  How did it happen that last night we left St Louis in the dark and brought little Evangeline Mary home to her excited family?  We then arose with an extra hour thanks to daylight savings time to get the 5 dressed for mass, and little Evangeline got a sponge bath and into her baptismal dress, which was sewed by her great-grandmother, Anna Verly, for her Aunt Ruth and the 3 girls following her including her mom, and at 5 days old and just out of 4 days in NICU - this healthy peaceful (she slept through it all) girl joined The Church as its newest member!  How did this miraculous turn of events come about?
Minutes after her baptism on mom's lap - a picture of peaceful contentment. 
A work of art!  Romeo was such a wonderful big boy now that he is no longer the baby!  Therese sets such a wonderful tone of love and peace and serving each other for her younger siblings making for a very wonderful family/domestic Church where Faith is shared with JOY!
Holding her in the pew before mass... the most precious sight!
Her Godfather is Fr Jordon Samson, and it worked out for him to come and concelebrate for her Baptism Mass!
He is a friend of Maria and Joes and Little Sister Hallel's.  He and Susan studied in Rome together, and he sent some pictures to some seminarian friends to show her this newest niece - his Goddaughter!  It is such a small world and that always helps us to feel closer to our Little Sister Hallel in Rome!

Grandma and Therese got her bathed and into her special baptismal gown - a special time for us.  It is a big job to get 5 ready for mass after just back from being with her at the hospital, but it seemed to come together... thanks Holy Spirit.  You really made this all happen, and we know that this is true.
Grandma had to put the bow in all that hair!
Love these great pictures!

I am here visiting with Joe's mom, so I should call this quits for now.  I am amazed at the Lord's touch upon us!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb

The bows don't last long around here... mom isn't into it like grandma, but she humors me for short periods of time.
Together with her 3 brothers this morning - that extra hour was so great to give us special time and a less than hectic time to get ready for her big Baptism Day!
This is what I see with my grandma's eyes and it makes my heart swell with so much LOVE!'
She loves kisses from her big brother, Patrick.  Oh, my heart!
Beautiful Maria with her precious baby girl!

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