Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Childlike - "the calf and the young lion shall browse together, with a little child to guide them." Isaiah 11

How joyfully surprised were our Community on Thanksgiving day as we pulled up 15 minutes before mass?  We started from home at 4a and drove straight to their door about 7 hours of hard driving.  With the uncertainty of our lives - I hadn't let them know of our "fake plans."  John walking in for mass with his precious Goddaughter in his arms.  How we love to share mass with Hallel's Community of the Lamb and our country is so blessed to have them with roots put down into the heart of our country!  Lumen Christi/Light of Christ ridding our mixed up mess of a country of darkness of sin and death!
Such a peaceful and trusting little one!  Her huge eyes would look up at this strange man, her Godfather whom she hasn't seen for a couple months of her short 6 month life.  Eventually she fell asleep in his arms during the mass and not a peep out of her.  With our 3 married daughters each having a baby girl in about 10 months we are surrounded by the beauty of new life - and with 14 going on 15 of little ones from Simon at 12 down to a 6 month old and a 3 week old...the idea of "childlike" is very visible and alive and real for us.  The crying and needing their needs to be met by their moms and the love and snuggles we receive also.  The very little ones are summed up with sleeping and eating and cleaning them up with diaper changes every hour or so.  They are totally dependent on their parents for all they need, and they grow more and more loving and responsive with smiles and giggles and LOVE!
Chewing on grandma's rosary case from Fatima is a great grace.  How I love all that our glorious Church has to offer us to make our lives full of richness and blessings and graces!  Look what lies ahead for you little one! 

We are in Mayo Building with John to see his doctor that has been with him for this entire journey - 7 1/2years!  The idea of childlike certainly describes how helpless John found himself after his brain biopsy!  Unable to walk alone and needing help even to the BR!  In that helpless state is when he realized that this was his half-hearted prayer for Faith!  "A week later I had brain cancer!" 
About ready to fall asleep in Godfather's arms at mass with St Agnes over his shoulder holding the lamb. 

It is quite sweet today...John brought a special Mary and The Saints calendar for 2017 that he is going to gift to his Catholic doctor.  He got me one and had another identical one come too.  "I think I am going to give it to Ivana."  "Oh, John that is very sweet of you.  I think she will be touched and love it!"

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