Friday, November 18, 2016

First Blizzard... Cleanse our temple in order to humbly live The Truth!

Ruth peeked into the pick up window to see her 3 year old son, Luke sleeping side by wide with their new puppy, Jenny, while we were in the midst of a big family job of preg checking the 170 cows with the vet.  So cozy and sweet.  Today John and I are in the midst of our first blizzard so after we took care of the chickens and got the dogs settled in the garage on their couch, we said our morning office watching the white world outside!
Putting a tarp over the corn stalk bales while the cows gather in the yard.  They brought them home, and off the stalks ahead of the storm.
Rose out to be close to mom and dad while we were preg checking and vaccinating the cows.

Today in the Gospel Jesus cleans out the temple, and he expects the same for us!  How?  By spending the time in uplifting reading and study and PRAYER!
It's a noisy job with the headgate clanging and the cows bucking their heads.  Rose finds comfort in covering her ears!

I find that the inner temple is where I go each day to pray without ceasing.  My rosary has grown to 10 decades each day and then there is always the chaplet of Mercy on which I pray for all my dead on their way to heaven, and those that are dying and have no one to pray for them.  I don't always get to my chaplet, but it is so important to pray for our dead!
Rose loves to be outside and involved in the farm work with mom and dad!
John drove straight home from his Tracy job to help out.  Thanks, John!
A group meeting about the vaccines. 

For those of us that are taking in The Word and The Sacraments - Eucharist, Reconciliation, Marriage, with the help of our amazing Saints - today that would be St Rose Duchesne - with Mary the Mother of God always there to hold me close and listen to my pleas... we receive the scroll and take it in and go forth sharing The Truth without hesitation of ceasing!
John heading out to give the chickens water and feed - "put a rope between the house and the barn so that I can get back!" 
Our red barn is now white!
Loved taking these and having my young willing son here - snowed in to help his old mom and the laying hens caught by the first blizzard!
Barely visible as he walks into the storm and the chickens waiting for their water and feed.
Can you find him?

May we this and every day make use of all we are blessed with to help us down the narrow path!  It was so great to share the office with John this morning... the best!  Our spontaneous prayers turned into co-prayers as we shared back and forth adding in thought and heart-felt prayer for our family and those in need. 

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