Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Flooded with memories of 7 years ago... Venerable Solanus Casey pray for us...

I am determined to get Hallel's birthday card (her birthday was Sept 18th) to her before we are restricted by Advent beginning in less than 2 weeks!  I have been waiting in my mind and heart for those pictures of her newest niece!   So I am using the best pictures here today so that I can copy them easily and then finish her card and socks and tooth brushes and get them in the mail to her.  It takes a good 10 days!  Tick, tick, tick!
Oh, my goodness!

We had a beautiful reminder of this day both in 2009 and then in 2014 and they both involved John and his special patron on his journey called braincancer/healing... Venerable Solanus Casey!  In 2009 we had just received devastating news that John's cancer was spreading and not responding to the chemo and all that was left was radiation!
My parents brought a relic of Venerable Solanus Casey to us and at the 8a mass on November 14, 2009 he was anointed and prayed over with the relic hoping for a total healing.  Instead he joined the others in the eventual healing and remains close to our hearts! 
The best of these two beauties for Therese's Godmother, Aunt Little Sister Hallel!

Then 2 years ago on this day we were at mass with my parents at St Michaels in Stillwater, and we were shown the special altar they have there for Venerable Solanus Casey... on this special anniversary we were able to renew our thanks and praise as he continues to be a part of our journey going forward.  I know that in the talks John burns to share with all that he is able - he loves to share the many that shared his journey and were involved in his healing... the hundreds of prayer warriors, Our Lady, The Church with all the Sacraments, The Saints including St John Paul II and Venerable Solanus Casey, and being surrounded by his loving Family!
Grandma loves to get that bow in their hair!

So much today calling us to hurry down and join our Lord when he calls to us!  No hesitation or dragging our feet as he calls us to repair our relationships and give to all without counting the cost to us.  We are surrounded by so many that are misled and lost... how do we reach them with the Truth?  With love and with prayer!  Obviously words seem to get in the way, and we simply love them and model for them how we are called to sacrifice and suffer and embrace our Most Cherished Cross and go forward down the narrow path as we find LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT through The Cross!
For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save what was lost."  Jesus to us in the Gospel today - Luke 19:10
She looks so much like the girls did as babies, and that is so fun for me!

Jesus, how I love you and long to be with you on this journey!  May I not become distracted by all that pulls at me to spend too much time and energy on.  May I love and serve better with each new day... dying to self no matter how much pain and suffering is involved!  I long to see your face in all those that are so angry and upset by the events in our country.  May I embrace them with loving compassion and heal the divisions.  I know that Venerable Solanus Casey was a humble gentle man, who answered the door and the monastery and welcomed all with unconditional love - truly sharing Christ with all!  How they flocked to him for council and many were touched and healed!  Venerable Solanus Casey we thank you for walking this journey with us!  St Albert the Great, pray for us this day!  So blessed and in love with the Saints!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Hallel hasn't met this new niece either, so I must send her this charmer.  How I pray that in the near future we will get a real hug!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke

Miraculously John in France in August 2009!  Going to Lourdes twice and falling head over heels in love with Our Lady was HUGE for him, and continues to this day!  "I have two of the best moms!"

Lovesick grin in 2011 - we were there for Hallel taking her first vows!

So powerful and was my strength for that year and continues with each new day!

Can't get enough of the super moon!  Over the Vatican is the best!


A renowned theologian, bishop, and Doctor of the Church, Albert (ca. 1200 – 1280) was born to a noble German family. Against their wishes he joined the Order of Preachers. The works of the great greek philosopher Aristotle had just been rediscovered, and the Dominicans were caught up in the wave of learning sweeping Europe. Albert lectured in sev...eral German priories and was director of studies in Cologne.

His pupils included Thomas Aquinas. Called “Great” because of his vast knowledge of chemistry, architecture, philosophy, music, and mathematics, he helped organize the studies of the Dominican Order. In 1260 Albert was appointed bishop of Regensburg, Germany, but resigned two years later, believing that he could be more useful teaching. His writings include biblical and theological works, sermons, treatises on logic, metaphysics, ethics, and the physical sciences. He is that patron saint of students of the natural sciences.

Had a conversation with my farmer daughter, Ruth, this morning... She is so willing and hard working and certainly feels this way about the farm and now her kids are gifted with a farm life!

Mercy must continue to reign in this world!

So much to give us what we need to go forward down the narrow path!

It's all here... hear our prayer, St Francis lead us in the Truth!
Lauren Daigle - Trust in you
Danielle Rose - The Saint that is just me
Danielle Rose - Memorare

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