Monday, November 7, 2016

"I am sorry" Do we say it enough? Our prayer? For "believing children!"

Still basking in the glow of yesterday's Baptism of little Em- Evangeline Mary.  Love to watch my daughters with their growing and beautiful families sharing the Faith with JOY!
Romeo is very sweet with his new little sister, and has already assumed the role of a very good big brother.  He warmed our hearts yesterday as he held her in the pew before her Baptism mass.

I am just back from driving Joe's mom to the St Louis airport so that she can get back to her home in Wisconsin.  I enjoyed my chapel on wheels after a wonderful visit with the meeting of like minds on the way there, and my rosary on the way home.  It is later in the day so I need to keep this shorter than usual
Taking to a baby sister like a duck takes to water...

There were some thoughts that came to me from the readings today... the Gospel is Jesus telling us about forgiving being unconditional and over and over and over without end!  Something I have noticed... recently we had a very powerful family time in which we were forgiving many hurts and history.  Going from person to person we were saying the words and healing our hearts with..."I forgive you." shared one with the other.  But later I pondered whether it would have also been important to say "I am sorry for the hurts and injuries I have put upon you."  This humble attitude of "I am sorry" is an important part of this forgiveness!
Little Evangeline in her baptismal dress which her mother wore and made by her great-grandmother, Anna!

Another gem today came to me from St Paul to Titus in which he speaks about presbyters as those that are "blameless, married only once with believing children..."  Titus 1
A model person of Faith and by their fruits you will know them through those "believing children."  I see this often in families of strong faith and values - you see the LIGHT reflected in the faces, lives, words, actions, choices in which they ask the Lord to show them his plan for their lives, humble admitting of sins and weaknesses and trusting in the Lord, and having a small slice of heaven in their domestic Church/family!  In other words we are called to be open to LIFE and raise them as LIGHTS!
Fr Samson teaching the kids about the different parts of his priestly garb on the models that Maria made for them to put the vestments of the season in The Church.  Fr Jordon just sent a picture of him praying in the chapel in Kansas City, and shared that he will say mass for them today.  The goodbye hug brought tears to my eyes as it was like a hug from Hallel!  I love that he is her friend and continues to keep close to her through her Community of the Lamb here in the U.S. in Kansas City!  His stay here with Maria and her family and his new Goddaughter, Em, was a very wonderful special time indeed!
After all the priestly sharing, David came dressed up as a Army Chaplain/priest and Patrick as his army man protector.  Omah Gail said that he should model himself after Fr Kapaun, who is a famous priest who served prisoners of war, and sacrificed his life for them. 
Ready to go out with the dog for a walk in the morning light.

Yes, I do pray daily for each of my children and their growing families - that they may hold to the Faith in The Church as it is shared with JOY in their domestic Church/family!  We need to be very serious about our raising believing children!

Wrapped up in her receiving blanket this morning... so fun to have a tiny baby to help with.  Tomorrow at noon I will be heading out to home by way of Kansas City. 

Jesus, we long to do better today with saying we are sorry and then forgiving unconditionally -even without those words of being sorry.  May we seriously share our faith with our children and their children.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Omah is a great reader of stories to the 4 oldest... she will be greatly missed!
It was so great that she was here with the boys and dad for the days we were in NICU!  So happy that she got some wonderful days with her new granddaughter, too!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Romeo sad that his wonderful Omah is leaving til they will be together for Christmas in Wisconsin!

So fun to have dad's music and dancing before bed with a special blessing by Fr Samson over the kids!  Prime family time cannot be appreciated enough!
Grandmas that share a new granddaughter! 

Pray for life!  Vote for life!

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