Monday, November 14, 2016

"Lord, please let me see." It seems that both sides are asking this of the other, but...

Reflecting at this challenging time in our lives and country!

After a wonderful talk with a sister-in-law with whom we share the same heart, mind and soul for our Faith and Family... I am much lifted up and encouraged... yet the constant sadness of many friends and family constantly flowing from my FB feed is disheartening and makes me sad.  My heart swells with love for them and I do long to understand more of their angst.  Yet, the life issue is the only one that calls out to me as utmost of importance and the blatant platform of the D's for the taking of that human life is more than I can look past.  As Mother Angelica said so strongly and without hesitation - "I vote for life!"
Here she is and she says it all in 60 seconds... Yes, all this confusion and sadness and hatred is bringing me to my knees!  Always in my life I see that Prayer is what I have and that is a lot!
Special time to dance to dad's music after supper.  This was Em's first dance, and I am sure she has had many other nights since in the arms of her adoring big sister, Therese!

Maria and Joseph do not have cable in their home, and they do have internet and might keep up a bit on what is going on in the world there.  But for the most part they keep their domestic Church clear of those distractions and centered on sharing their faith with JOY and without ceasing!

 I do admit that I can sense the desperation of my friends, who think that we are all horrible racists, homophobes and on and on... I am not!  I wonder when the things that are morally wrong became the right in this country?!?  Does giving them license to practice sinfulness make it right and honorable?  And how did taking life become something we can turn a blind eye to?  I feel more than outrage and long to write a loving response to these people... friends, but it seems that we long for the other side to see, and there is no openness one to the other.  I know that LOVE can bridge the gap, and is that being silent and holding them up on prayer?
Nancy and Bills home also does not have cable, and faith is shared there.  It was very interesting watching the election results with them, and knowing that the choice was hard and less than choosing a great choice.  Yet, the deep underlying respect for life and marriage and morals and values upheld by our Church allows us to unite and hope and pray!

I do ask Christ to "help me see" how to share those Truths with love and respect for all beloved by our Lord!  He loves us and died for us so that we may face the hardships of sticking to what it right no matter what!  This heaviness in my heart longs to reach out and embrace with unconditional love those that are weeping and worried and sick about our country!  I am so puzzled at the blatant disrespect for human life, which I cannot get past.  Yes, I know that change is a long time coming and will not be instantaneous, yet if only partial birth abortion can be banned, there will be some lives saved from the horrific end!  Each life matters! 
Luke and Pat in the bright sunlight - sharing 8a mass with our farm family close by .  Many times after bringing up their offering envelope or after going up for a blessing at the Eucharist... Luke or Rose will stop off for some time on Grandpa's welcoming lap!  I have always admired and appreciated how my champion for life has shared his beloved Catholic Faith with JOY and as a family!  Even when we had newborns just days old we would go as a family!
Maria and Joseph also... newly home and born, Evangeline Mary, being baptized into The Church at 5 days old!
I have plans to copy this large and put it on my wall in the kitchen!  She is here and she is beautiful and loved so much, and has so many prayers already in the womb and out! 

Jesus, how I love you and long to serve you better with each new day!  Does that include trying to share your Truth without hesitation and with LOVE?  Yes!  How do we know that what we share it the Truth?  By listening to Jesus in The Word and in The Church!  Come Holy Spirit guide my words and "Lord, please let me see."  May I die to self so that you may live in me!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah

So many prayers for the new life in our families!  Two showers this weekend - one for my niece with her first child, whose mother is my sister Mary in heaven, and one for a dear niece on the Verly side with her first child!  Nothing can come close to LIFE!  It is my all in all!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke

Gazing upon their new sister!

Waited and prayed and kept busy to help the time pass... Therese with her first sister!
A sweet work of art!
Danielle Rose - Wonderfully made - Psalm 139

Love this!

Super moon over the gateway arch in St Louis... I was just there, but missed the arch.  It was a very nice city to us in a difficult time!  Thank you!

Another good one for today.

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