Monday, November 21, 2016

Love The Church - sharing The Presentation of Mary with dad, mom and husband!

Morning office with my parents and husband with the light blanket of snow on the ground outside.  Our final destination after a day with both of our families celebrating new life! 
I was able to meet and hold my Goddaughter's daughter, and meet her for the first time!  It was such a huge wonderful turnout for a very special niece... my sister, Mary's daughter, Audrey, who is going to have her little girl in two weeks!  I haven't seen a turnout like this for a shower in years or ever!  The head count was over 30 including numerous little ones to add to the specialness!
So sweet!  The stocking cap crown made us all smile as we shared this close family time celebrating new life!  My mother has had 6 great-grand children since May and she is expecting 6 more!  So many reasons to celebrate and share the JOY!
Angela found a living model for the stocking cap crown!  It matches her homemade sweater, too!  I still am pinching myself at the outpouring and special time I was gifted with my niece, who shared a lot of family time with us years back.  It was good to reminisce with Audrey about out times together. I am still higher than a kite about this wonderful family time!  It made us all sooooooooooooooooo excited for our CCC - Cross Christmas Camp in less than 4 weeks!
The huge bow off the present was perfect on this little cherub!

On from the Cross shower to one for one of the Verly nieces!  It was fun to travel with my husband and amazing that it worked out to go from one shower to the next!  Then on to my parents and the conversation about family and Faith mixed in with lots of prayer while on the road and sitting in their peaceful home on the St Croix River in Wisconsin.  Knowing that we were very close to our beloved Camp Wapo and seeing the beginning signs of winter with the light blanket of fresh snow... prayers for good weather and healthy kids and adults for our weekend together! 
A cherished time with her grandma Nancy! 

In the Gospel today we are reminded that we are called to give from til it hurts!  The widow with her few small coins.  How we long to do better in our giving to others out of love and care for them above our needs and desires!
The helpers make it more interesting and fun!
The morning office with my parents on this special Mary feast day - her presentation in the temple!
The story of the Presentation of Mary in the Temple as a child captures the essential Gospel portrait of Mary as a woman entirely dedicated not merely to doing but to living the will of God.  Her own willing obedience, unhesitatingly given and never revoked, lies at the heart of her life of self-sacrifice offered in love.
With St Joseph looking on and the family picture taken shortly after my parents adopted the 4... dad shared with me how he places "a hedge of protection" around each of our family which is now over 100 strong by individual name!

Thank you, Lord, for this wonderful Family time and the uplifting times of shared and personal prayers!  Time with my husband and parents in there peaceful prayerful home and then my rosary time while we traveled the 4 hours back home again.  Lifted up and blessed with so many blessings as we celebrate the gift of LIFE and how it makes our LOVE grow ever more and more!  Jesus/The Spotless Lamb slain for me, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Our Lady over our shoulder, in our hearts, minds and souls and always taking us to her Son and His Bride, The Church!  We shared our LOVE for The Church built on Peter/The Rock!  Thank you, mom and dad for bringing us into The Church!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke

Lydia's prayer book that mom bought at St Vincent De Paul's years ago!  Her notes are so special and we feel like we know her from her special writings in the columns and the pages!
A glorious sunrise on Sunday morning of Christ the King before we shared mass, Eucharist with Pat's mom , and then the two family showers and time with my parents!  The Best day and a half filled with all that is good and right and important in our short lives here on earth - Faith/Family/Farm!
Stunned by his glory!
The sun setting the night before with the snow laden trees!  Wow!

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