Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Older and wiser of more humble with the knocks of life?

A sweet neighbor sent over a heart shaped sugar cookie for each one in the family, and Em looks like she wants one too!  David got a bite out of his before we got the picture... we love you little sweet girl!  Grandma is on her way to Nancy's in KC soon.  I have very mixed feelings with wanting to get home - combining finished last night!- and missing my girls and their wonderful families.
We had so much fun last night doing the photo shoots I had envisioned in my mind and heart!  The three girls in their matching outfits.
Shirts sent by Aunt T... Big Bros, Big Sister and Em is the little sister... the dog got a bandana too! 
Then the two sisters... I envisioned this back a few months ago when I made this card for Therese's shower that she planned for her new baby sister.

This is the card I made  for "T" and we are agreeing that I pretty much got it right!
I had to do some in black and white, too! 

I am having too much fun.  I need to get serious and wrap this up so that I can get on the road soon.  St Paul to Titus today speaks about how us older gals are supposed to model for the younger ones.  I do feel that I have lots of life and faith experiences to share, but I also learn so much from my girls.  Is there anything better than to be led deeper in faith by our kids?  I don't think so!
Yes, I took way to many, but they were so beautiful together and she was wide awake and sweet as sugar!
Dancing to dad's music before bed is a great family activity she will love as she grows surrounded by this loving family! 

One reminder of my growth in humility was just a short time ago when a high ranking officer brought our lunch.  As he was leaving grandson, David, pointed out that my cheeks were red with embarrassment... a small piece of humble pie for this old lady!  Praying for humility and embracing the fact that I am far from perfect and need a lot of prayers and help as I drag my Most Cherished Cross down the narrow path.  I want to stay weak because then I turn to Jesus!

Could not be any better in my dreams!  Well, it is time to have my final meal with the family.  Jesus, I love you and thank you for our Family sharing Faith!  Safe travels now to KC and time with family there...maybe more sister pictures?  Knowing me... yes!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb

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