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Persecution for holding up morals and values - Truth shared by The Church!

About 11 months ago ...

I have an inner blizzard going on inside of me today.  I am starting to go through my room full of photos and realizing how out of control I was and have been and probably continue to be, but now that they are on my computer I don't have to lift boxes of them so....  I also saw so much snow beauty outside and wanted to grab some of cute grandkids there, and it didn't happen so now I decided to look back a year or so.  Well, I found this beauty of Pat's mom with two of our families in late December.  Maria now has a new baby in her arms and she will be here in January so that her grandmother can meet Evangeline Mary!
A classic now of the grandkids enjoying a movie in grandma's bedroom at the farm... a few days later this was gutted and it is now Ruth's beautiful kitchen looking out on the farm yard so she can keep a vigilant eye on her growing family - #6 due in March!  She had her thorough ultra sound yesterday and her baby girl is the picture of health! 

A few months ago standing in the kitchen Mary said; "Grandma your bed used to be here (pointing to the sink) and your we used to watch movies here ( pointing to the eating island)."  "Yes, and I used to take a bath there (pointing to the other side of the eating island)."
This window is still there and looks out on their farm!  It will be fun to see their tree!
Now its my kitchen and I was just feeling a great happiness at being here now and that it is so right for the young family to be on the farm!

A familiar Gospel used recently... Luke 21.  We are warned that our morals and values will be trampled by those in authority and is that not true!  We are made out to be the wrong ones and the bad guys!  If we stand up for the Truth of one man and one woman til death do us part, we are called every name in the book and even brought to court for those that will not take part in homosexual unions - such as bakers or others involved in their day. 
Take the time to read these personal testimonies of those that have lost businesses for standing up for The Truth!
now one more!

And what about those that are incensed at the taking of innocent life in abortion? I was so disappointed by those Catholic friends that supported the Democratic platform in voting for their candidate... as Mother Angelica shared almost 20 years ago - "I vote for LIFE!"  How can a blind eye be turned to life from conception to natural death?  I am baffled and bewildered and so sad and sick about the horror of abortion and the intrusion on marriages by artificial birth control!  It allows a selfishness and indulgence to take over our marriage and family life!  The Church has it all right, and we are called to embrace their teachings and dogmas totally and not pick and choose.  If we do this we are allowing The Church to help us get to heaven.  They have it right!  Yet, we are put down and looked down upon if we embrace The Truth,and then to dare share it by example and word is even more radical and wrong in the eyes of the world!
A year ago.  I am so excited that Maria with her 5 could be spending some good weeks with us in January again this year!

How many times have I been found fault with when I announced a pregnancy or that of one of my girls after the first 3 or so?  Too many times!  And how many times have I heard this..."You had your boy so you finally quit."  How I prayed that I could have that next child after John so that the message would be clear!  Now I must say it, and sometimes it is just more than I can or want to do.  That is why I have this burning message to the world and yes, I probably repeat myself too often here, but it is my message and I know that the world is so confused and lost in the darkness of the culture of death... that I must shout it from the rooftops!  "We are called to be open to LIFE and to raise them as LIGHTS!" 
Two years ago sunrise out of my picture window - now Ruth's... the pine tree is gone as they plan to put a porch on this summer!

The warning to us that we will be handed over by those close to us... I thank the Lord every day for the Faith we share in our immediate family and love for The Church!  Yet, we know the feeling of being misunderstood and others trying to convince us that we are wrong, and need to change our beliefs.  Finally we need to just love and realize that we will not change each other.  Prayer is huge for me for those loved ones!
Love this - Therese now has her new baby sister, and is loving it!

Jesus, how we long to love and follow you and the blessing we have in your Church!  Always there to help us follow you all the way to our time forever in heaven with you!  May we never hesitate to share your Truth in example and word and stand up to the hatred and misplaced anger.  May we return loving mercy to them as we have been shown mercy.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
I also pray for good weather for all the Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings that are ahead.  How I pray that our family will all safely be together at CCC this year!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
O, my Jesus, I am yours!
My bedroom in the farm... now Ruth's kitchen!
Future warriors for Christ and The Truth that will set them free!
Grandpa is a big target!  The family room is now Ruth and Paul's bedroom!  Talk about switching it...  it feels so good to have that big mess and move behind us!  Whew!
I think you can see why I have a room full of pictures and frames to deal with this winter!
Grandpa's going to get you two!
Always a lap for the little ones - on our way to meet his newest granddaughter, Em, tomorrow and also the family of the Lamb!

Friends, today’s Gospel passage describes the persecution Christians face before the end of the world. When does the church stop being persecuted? When the Lord returns, and not before.

From the earliest days until the present, the community of Jesus Christ has been the focus of the world’s violence. There is the old principle: “kill the messenger.” And it applies here. The church will ann...ounce, until the end of time, that the old world is passing away, that a new world of love, non-violence, and life is emerging. This announcement always infuriates the world of sin. Always. The twentieth century was the bloodiest on record—and the one with the most martyrs.

What do we do in the meantime? We maintain a detachment from the world that is passing away, our eyes fixed on the world that will never end. And we speak. Confidently, boldly, provocatively. The message of the Gospel, the dying and rising of the Lord.

Bishop Robert Barron

Our good friend with a wonderful Thanksgiving thought!

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Some new beautiful pictures on Maria's blog today of Em's baptism!

With grandmas!


So precious!

A work of art!
Finally a wonderful family picture to celebrate Nancy and Bill's 6th anniversary in August!  A picture of being open to LIFE and raising LIGHTS!

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