Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Singing in our hearts and minds and mouths - St Cecilia pray for us!

6th grader Simon as he turned 12 on September 20th leading the singing during the 6th grade mass at Holy Redeemer school... the same school his mom, aunts and uncle attended along with his grandpa and all his great-Aunts and great uncles, and even his great-grandmother and her 9 siblings!  Talk about a long wonderful Catholic education history! 

Today is Ruth and Paul's 13th anniversary, and also the Memorial of St Cecilia!  So appropriate to start with our Simon Patrick and his beautiful voice, which he uses often filling his world with beautiful music.  His instrument is his voice!  Simon has his struggles with autism, so his voice is his way of relating to his world in a joyful and special way!  St Cecilia is a very good Saint for Simon on his journey of life..."she sang in her heart only to God"
Luke is here as Ruth is having her 5 month ultrasound this morning... I longed to go out and get some pictures in front of my snow laden pine trees, but we did not have the time so I found this one of the 3 of us taken on my birthday at the Catholic School after Mary's 5th grade class mass... The little girl is a picture of health from the thorough ultrasound this morning.  With my history of 2 losses at 5 months... I found myself a bit nervous and prayerful while she was at her appointments!
Mary also has a beautiful voice and led the singing at mass also.  We all know how important the singing to the Lord is during mass and how thankful we are for those who serve in that way!

One of my favorite things with John here living with us.. is the days we can share the morning office together!  Over the weekend we had a couple days of prayer together after doing the Magnificat morning prayer with Pat.  We search for a hymn and try to start prayer with singing together... how joyful and special and uplifting to share a hymn!  John and I have a dear friend named Celia, and after sharing Morning Prayer this morning he texted her asking her what a "lyre" was as she is a Music Major and works with kids in that field and wished her a happy feast day!
I imagine it is one of these intriguing instruments... the one in the middle?
"Gives thanks to the Lord on the harp; on the ten stringed lyre offer praise."  Psalm 33:2

More end times today and being ready and being among those that are harvested and come to dwell in heaven forever!  Once again the Gospel from Luke 21 telling us that we know not the time and not to be misled... yet the many hardships including wars, and famines, and earthquakes, and plagues, and the taking of millions of lives through abortion, and on and on... things that are happening in our world today and get us discouraged and terrified for the welfare of many innocent victims.  Jesus tells us not to be terrified, but rather to allow these "things that must happen first" to bring us to place of readiness at all times - living our lives for Christ with the help of our Spiritual Mother, The Saints including St Cecilia, and The Church!
So special for the younger siblings to see there older sister... singing with JOY for her Lord and his Bride, The Church!
David bringing up the gifts at the mass his class did for All Saints Day.

Love this!

Jesus, we are so filled with wonder at the amazing Saints that bring us to your presence, and pray for us, and show us a path where we can find joy in the midst of our struggles and suffering!  St Cecilia we ask that you intercede in the midst of the confusion and darkness we see all around us!  May your music lift us up, and give us the courage to go forth and love and serve you without counting the cost, and also dying for you!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Hallel and her Community of the Lamb singing like angels during Easter!  Have I mentioned that we have her Community and their constant singing throughout their prayer, mass, and adoration during the day of their contemplative prayer?  We have joked that it is required that you have a beautiful voice to become and little Sister or Little Brother!  Not really true, but it seems that way when you hear them at worship!  I am sure that St Cecilia is much honored on this her Feast day!  Music/singing is the wind beneath their wings at worship!  We are so blessed by our times sharing with them!  Speaking of which... we will drive straight to the Little Monastery/Lumen Christi for mass on Thanksgiving day with our family/The Community of the Lamb followed by a Community meal... I am so excited to get some real hugs from my sweet Little Sisters and Little Brothers!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Singing a blessing to Nancy's family before they headed for home a year and a half ago.  The first singing we heard from The Community was the day Hallel/Susan told us she would be joining them in France in front of the altar to Our Lady of Guadalupe... as we were leaving they waved and sang a blessing over us - "May the Lord bless you now and always!"  Song is their love language!
Did I mention that The Word is huge for them?
Singing like angels!
My napkin ring from years back when John and I went to France and Lourdes!  Meals are a special time of fellowship when we join them!
Part of the Family!
2 year ago on their anniversary - now this is their shop on their farm!  Lots of good changes for Ruth and Paul on their 13 Anniversary- now living on the farm!
Most recent family picture taken on Labor Day weekend in KC - the Canonization of St Teresa of Calcutta!  Adding one more in March!  Happy Anniversary!  We love you so much and are so thankful for your witness for Faith/Family/Farm!
Jeremy Camp - Same Power
Danielle Rose - The saint that is just me

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