Wednesday, November 30, 2016

"Thank you Lord for healing my head and my heart." John at morning prayer this morning

A wonderful blessing was given us yesterday in Rochester... we were able to attend the 12:10p mass at St John the Evangelist where I attended daily mass and hours in the Eucharistic chapel while John had his stem cell transplant and recovered during the month of January 2010. 
Through the doors to the Eucharistic chapel with the tabernacle with Jesus inside!  I would sit here in deep prayer and supplication of my Lord for the healing of my son from the enemy brain cancer.  Those prayers were answered and we attribute so much help from our amazing glorious Church and our prayer warriors!
The incision at the back of his head that diagnosed his cancer, and left him with a deficit on his left side to this day..."But you have not let it limit you,and have done well considering."  we were reminded of how great John has done by our special Neurologist, Dr Brian ONeal.  He has such a wonderful interest in John and spoke about a world wide conference this week in which they will discuss some things pertaining to John yet, as they go 10 years out!  7 years ago in New Orleans at this conference John's case was presented and some big decisions were made - that he would go on to stem cell transplant!  He was told by his other cancer doctor that he was cured and no longer needed to come and see her.  Wow!  We left there with great happiness and thankfulness and JOY!
Such a blessing to have this church such a big part of our healing!  It was wonderful to be there with my husband and son in the midst of a landmark day.  One in which we were told that he has as good a chance of getting lymphoma as any other person now.  And given an encouraging report of what he has accomplished in his healing.  This morning at prayer John thanked the Lord for his healing of his head/brain cancer as well as his heart by finding the Faith that he lacked in his life.  "I don't feel anything, and I don't know what I believe." he used to say.  But now his Faith is what guides and directs his life and he is asking the Lord what the plan is for him as far as what job or vocation he is called to.  Life takes on a whole new perspective when you are asking for the Lord's plan for us rather than dictating our own path with great designs to be successful or rich or powerful.  One thing we know for sure is that we are called to be humble and to die to self and to serve!
The tree is up at Ruth's in the big picture window where I would put my tree over the years!
The advent wreath... Simon welded a star that they have put on the back of the shed facing the road and for each week of Advent they will add a strand of lights coming from it!  So special and count on Ruth and Paul to do above and beyond!
In the center of the picture - taken from the road... I love the lighting of the Advent tail on the star for each week of Advent!  He is coming!
May he come ever more into our hearts!  Pat went to find a bathroom before mass and found a confessional with the light on... he went in and suddenly found the gift of reconciliation!  "I am jealous." I told him, and soon I plan to get there myself.
Talk about a model of humility - today is the feastday of St Andrew, who introduced his brother Simon Peter to Jesus! 
St. Andrew's Christmas Novena begins on his feast day, Nov. 30th! It is a pious Advent tradition to recite this prayer 15 times daily through Christmas Eve for a special intention dear to your heart. #StAndrewsDay #CatholicChristmas
How powerful would it be to do this 15 times a day through Christmas Eve!  It would truly bring our Lord's reality of God coming to life in our cold world in the form of a helpless infant into our hearts, minds and souls!
I long to remain humble and weak so that I always need my Jesus and turn to Him always!

Pertaining to John on this feast day of St Andrew - Faith comes from what is heard, and what is heard comes through the word of Christ... The voice has gone forth to all the earth, and their words to the ends of the earth.  Romans 10
John looked death in the eye and was totally humbled and as weak as a newborn child... it was then that he realized that his half-hearted prayer had been answered and he then realized The Truth... he needed Jesus and His Bride, The Church to live his life rightly!  He heard Jesus speak though the Church and His Word and Sacraments!

John catching up with his good friend Little Brother Clement. 

Lord, we are in awe of how you answer prayers in a way that surprises us and humbles us and brings us to our knees as we embrace The Truth!  Thank you for the healing John and his continued journey that you are revealing to him.  How he longs to share his story with all!  To touch others with his message/voice - sharing his love for Jesus, Mary and The Church!  Continue to show him the path you wish him to follow.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb
My Champion for LIFE with Our Lady of Guadalupe, who has Jesus in her sacred womb!  The Mother of God! 

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