Sunday, November 13, 2016

"The sun of Justice with its healing rays."

The last line from the first reading at mass this 33rd Sunday of Ordinary time... Malachi 3 seemed appropriate for this birthday picture of Bernadette today on her 4th birthday.  They had professional pictures taken for their 6th wedding anniversary and she chose the late afternoon sun which is so beautiful in how it surrounds the subjects with wonderful glowing light - using LIGHT as a paintbrush is what made me fall in love with photography!  "The sun of justice with its healing rays."
Sharing Eucharist with Pat's mom and able to share mass live streaming with Father Paul!  It is a special new addition to our sharing Eucharist in her home! 

My day has flown with the nice weather outside activities called.  The Gospel today I carried in my heart as I was out painting the fence surrounding our little red barn.  There are some very close to me that feel that they have been told when the world is ending as we know it and how to prepare by Christ speaking through a prophet.  I worry for them being misled and long for them to cling to the Truth from The Church and The Word of God.  Yes, we need to be ready at all times, and with that readiness we need to go forward with work and play and ups an downs and Trusting.  Not always looking for signs and indications of the end, but making the most of our worlds with love and service and prayer and worship and serving those in our lives with all that we have!
Some beautiful bouquets from the funeral of a dear friend and wife of one of my hospice patients... there was a sign saying grandma in it!

Jesus, I am a poor servant.  Help me to do better.  Jesus, I trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb

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