Friday, November 25, 2016

Two day Thanksgiving... reminded by Little Brother Christoph..."Being thankful shows our knowing Jesus and his LOVE."

John and 6 month old Goddaughter, Josephine Francis.  John holding his Goddaughter with St Agnes and her Lamb looking over his shoulder and the familiar inner Kansas City neighborhood through the windows of the chapel, Lumen Christi.  Bathed in the LIGHT streaming in on us in the 50 degree day!  Driving straight to mass with our Family of the Lamb and then a big Community Meal for Thanksgiving day with our Kansas City family - Nancy and Bill and their 4 kids!  The Best!
Love this place and it is so wonderful to have our family with some roots here close to our Family of the Lamb!
Family time is happening just around the corner with wonderful visiting and baby holding, so I will just add some pictures and make it short today.
So wonderful for the little ones in our family up to the oldest, me, with this glorious sight to behold... sharing mass!
So much LIGHT and words from little Brother Christophe... being thankful shows how we know and love Christ Jesus in our lives.  Looking on the bright side - the light side!
Our Lady joined us for the Community meal!
Always look to her as she brings us to her Son, and she is pregnant with Jesus and represents our respect and protection of ALL LIFE from conception to natural death!
Gus leading the dessert parade... such a special tradition!
Postulant Helena is expecting her 10th sibling in Feb!
Met a wonderful young girl considering joining the Little Sisters from Minnesota!
Love this so much!  Hallel told us she would be joining The Community in front of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Kansas City in August of 2008 and left for France on Sept 11, 2008!
Little Sister Benedict has been here all that time... 8 years and soon she will become an American!  She is so amazing and family to us!
Today Bill has the turkey in, and we will have our family Thanksgiving meal here!
Maria and her 5 with Captain Joe has joined us!  Pat has hardly put down the babies!  "Maria, I am going to hold her all the time I am here!"  How he loves new LIFE! 

Jesus, we are so thankful for all Family sharing our Thanksgiving with all the angels and Saints!  We are thankful for safe travel and good traveling weather across our country!  We yearn to show the world our love for you by our positive and thankful attitude towards all we encounter... most especially the crosses that come our way.  Dying to self so that you may live in us!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb
Sweet smiles for grandpa!
Her first bow thanks to Therese and grandma!

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