Tuesday, November 1, 2016

"Viatores... the ones on the way to happiness" St Thomas Aquinas

It's this cute boys birthday today!  I got to spend the morning with him at mass and then while mom was in for her prenatal visit.  The baby had her hand up by her mouth in the ultrasound.
I had so much fun on this glorious day taking some birthday pictures of Luke while mom was in seeing the baby and listening to her heartbeat.  It has been such a powerful day with the arrival of his cousin, Evangeline Mary, in Missouri. 
Another birthday picture... with the red barn behind him.

The kids here for trick or treating last night - all Saints Eve!  It was so wonderful to read St Thomas Aquinas speaking about The Communion we have with The Saints...  "the ones on the way (viatores) to happiness, are led into it by words and examples.  Whereas the ones who have already achieved the end help others to achieve it..."
Prayers for Evangeline in church...
Prayers in the Eucharistic Chapel today - during Susan/Hallel's decade of the rosary we heard that our new granddaughter was here!  There are a few complications so I plan to drive down tomorrow starting very early in the morning! 

Prayers for our new granddaughter just as she was born by C-section in Missouri... continued prayers needed as we figure out the small issues she is facing.  Jesus, we place our sweet new little girl, Evangeline Mary, in your hands and we trust in your love and care for her.  Jesus, we trust in you. Bless-bless, Barb
Luke with Our Lady - "Why doesn't she talk to us?"  "She does in the Bible - she tells us; 'whatever he tells you do it!' "
Simon at school mass for All Saints Day today!
David carried up the gifts...
Happy Birthday Sweet Luke!  Happy Feast Day Little Sister Hallel!  And welcome to our family Evangeline Mary!

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